2004 singles Essay Topics

Time and Life

Everyone wants to be successful in their own, different way. It is a mutual dream shared by all, to be rich and famous. In my perspective being successful is much different, because money is not everything. To make goals and follow your dreams will lead you down the road to success. Their will be bumps… View Article

Baptism and High School Student

My mom told be that when im with her tummy bear she’s always angry, can’t sleep well and eat lots of food. She was always fighting with my father that time. During my christening, they told me I have more than 20 Godmothers and Godfathers. Back when I’m months old, my mom said, she doesn’t… View Article

The Army

Army Values Essay Honor, integrity, selfness-service, duty, respect, personal courage, and loyalty, these are the 7 army values in which each and every member must stay true to. My definition of honor may be skewed from the general publics view of honor. In my eyes, when you are thankful that you are given the opportunity… View Article