2003 invasion of Iraq Essay Topics

Translation and Interpreting Conflict

Introduction Myriam Salama-Carr Part I Interpreters and Translators on the Front Line Interpreting and Translation for Western Media in Iraq Jerry Palmer The Practice of Translation and Interpreting During the Conflicts in the Former Yugoslavia (1991-1999) Mila Dragovic-Drouet Translators and Interpreters During the Opium War between Britain and China (1839-1842) Lawrence Wang-chi Wong Part II… View Article

The Way Sherriff

The character of Stanhope is introduced by the other characters in the play before he makes his entrance. Hardy is the Captain of another company that is about to leave the front line, and Osborne is Stanhope’s second in command. They both discuss Stanhope’s personality. Stanhope is introduced by these two characters before he comes… View Article

Pink Dear Mr President

The audience intended for the song is the United States President George W. Bush. Pink stated it was written as an open letter to the president, one of the most important songs she had ever written and was not to be seen as a song just for attention. This song voices many problems occurring in… View Article

Field Marshal Haig: “Hero or Butcher of the Somme”

Field Marshal Haig: “Hero or Butcher of the Somme” I consider the field marshal as a butcher and a hero for numerous reasons. While the insinuation of Haig as a butcher ignores many positives that he possessed, the implication of him being a hero also neglects negatives that the field marshal obtains. Although the winning… View Article


From 1980 until 1982 the United States went through another recession. Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker created a restrictive spending policy which did slow down spending as expected. Reagan then created what is known today as Reaganomics, with Reaganomics President Reagan promised reduced federal programs, deeper tax cuts for wealthy Americans, and he made the… View Article

George Tenet and and the Last Great Days of the Cia

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent United States Government agency who are responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior United States policymakers (CIA,2007). Since the 1960’s and World War II, foreign intelligence has been important to the United States since the days of President George Washington, that such efforts have been coordinated… View Article