2003 in literature Essay Topics

Figures in literature

“As figures in literature, the women portrayed in these stories are either worshipped of they are victims; they are rarely just allowed to be themselves”. Women of the nineteenth century were generally regarded as being inferior to men and were treated with little respect. At the beginning of the century, women enjoyed few of the… View Article

Realism and Romanticism: Similarities and Differences

Romanticism and Realism, the two major threads in art and literature in the nineteenth century, both clearly had their roots in the burgeoning industrialism of the world around them. While both strove to show real people and question who was in power, Romanticism did this through the individual and exotic or even supernatural situations, while… View Article

The Kite Runner Shows Us That We Can Never Escape Our Past. Discuss

“The Kite Runner shows that we can never escape our past. Discuss” ————————————————- In ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini, we are shown through the characters of Amir, Soraya and Sohrab that we cannot necessarily escape our past but we can confront our past mistakes, forgive ourselves and others and move on with out lives…. View Article