2 METHODOLOGYOBJECTIVES1 Collection of data related to energy



1) Collection of data related to energy sources, water sources and conduct a detailed analysis

2) Provide the cost-effective measures for the methods which were involved at a premium.

3) Provide solutions to the adaptation of green building initiation measures at the RVIM-SSMRV campus and reduce negative environmental impact, thereby increase the positive environmental impact and thus spreading the slogan “Go Green”

4) Analyze how the sustainability in the name of Green building initiatives would be help in generating cash flows in the long-term goals of the institution.


The case study for the project was SSMRV PU, Degree, RV VLSI and RVIM campus.

Method consisted of data collection at the initial stage.

SOURCES OF DATA: The data sheet was provided from Tata Consulting Engineers Limited related to energy, water, sewerage treatment plan, AC ventilation and waste management. The source of data was completely primary data collection. The measurements started with floor wise on electrical loads and water requirements on all the four campuses.

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– LIGHT LOADS: The lighting details included types of fixtures, type of choke, type of ceiling, type of wall, power rating of each unit.

– FAN LOADS: The fan details were, the type of fan (regulator, resistive, phase angle controlled inductive, capacitive regulator), power rating.

– UPS: The UPS details were the type and its power rating. The exhaust fans details included quantity and its power rating.

– MISC: Few miscellaneous data such as speakers, projectors, aquarium, water purifiers, Xerox machine.

– INTENSITY: The intensity of the light was measured on all rooms with the help of LUX meter.

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– AC: The AC measurements included dry air temperature, wet air temperature, type of AC (duct or split), area description, fresh air flow and AC room area

– MOTOR READINGS: The overhead tank details, STP pump motor details, lift motor loads, bore well water pumps

– ELECTRICAL PANEL ROOM: Incomer, outgoing line details and bus coupler, incomer main DB, Actual Load, Full load and No load.

– DG SETS: Rating, Voltage, frequency, power factor, date of installation/manufacture, oil capacity, monthly diesel consumption, total kWh consumption, average consumption etc.

– SEWERAGE SYSTEM STUDY: Network layout with pipe details, STP details

– SOLID WASTE MANAGEMNET: Quantity and type of waste generated in various buildings.

– WATER AUDIT: Layout plan of campus, details of pump and corresponding pump details


Data was collected from the primary sources, observation and interview methods. There were many specialists involved such as STP, AC vendors.

Many measuring instruments were required

1) LUX Meter: LUX measurement in every rooms is essential to find out the intensity of light in study places, work places and on the corridor. Also tells us how the surface is tilted at an angle of source. Based on this judgment can be carried out whether the hall received less light or vice versa

2) Tong Tester: The instrument used for measuring electrical loads. This measures current in amps. It works on the principle of mutual induction

3) Slang psychrometer: This instrument was used to measure dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature inside the auditoriums which are equipped with either duct type or split AC’s

These instruments very crucial for the measurements of data. LUX helped in finding out the perfect ambience light for study place and other relevant areas

Tong Tester helped in finding out the current which was flowing through RGB phase.A sling psychrometer for AC ventilation data collection

Mediums of data collection

– Telephonic interview from the concerned people such as Water specialist for Civil engineering details.

– The pipe line diagram and site plan was collected from the campus engineer

– Field study was conducted in and around the campus related to electrical loads

– Rain water harvesting sump details was measured with the help of gardener B. Setty who looks after the garden in RVIM


1) The data collection was done at 4 campuses (RV PU, RV Degree, RV VLSI and RVIM) and the project is considered to be involving longer duration for completion.

2) And the renewable energy sources implications within the campus may involve large cost at the beginning. Thus, investment leads to even risk management from the concerned bodies.

3) The measurements were carried out at different time. However, the measurement of LUX was carried out in the month of August. Thus, the data may be not as reliable as in summer season the data might have fluctuations.

4) Also, the water bills, electricity bills have fluctuations depending upon the classes hours and when the data collection was done, RV VLSI had single floor

5) And a new training courses are getting added into the name of RV learnings for Machine learning. Thus, the data collection needs to be done and then the solution needs to be carried out when new floors gets added which results in fluctuations in energy and water audit

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2 METHODOLOGYOBJECTIVES1 Collection of data related to energy

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