1Information on the sustainability on the type if shopping

1.Information on the sustainability on the type if shopping centre

?Neighbourhood centre

? Also called convenience centres

?Range from 3000 – 15000 square metres

?Very small SCs found in the neighbourhood.

?Offers merchandise such as groceries, tailor, pharmacy, laundry, barbershop, shoe repair etc.

?Focuses on providing convenience

?There may be a number of such centres in a single suburb.

?Usually anchored by a supermarket and other small retailers such as a pharmacy, launderer, hair saloon etc.

?E.g. Pick’nPay store and one or two other stores.

2.Role of management in the shopping centre

?Developing a shopping centre,Management have to plan on the space will be marketed and manage the building later

?The management include headhunters and managing headhunters to carry out the the tasks

?Letting headhunters and managing headhunters are usually appointed from one property business that offers both services

?The role of letting headhunters is important in marketing and the space or the leasing a vacant space and in searching for the potential tenants to be part of the tenants mix in shopping centres

?In some cases there is an in-house managing agent appointed by the owner of the shopping centre from their subsidiary company

?The management teams vary from one shopping centre to onether, because the seek and attempt to establish the right teams to face the challenges in managing shopping centre in today’s environment

?To identify ,understand and meet the ongoing needs of consumers, retailers and owners

?One of the most important reasons to employ a centre management is to achieve the shopping centre manager has to be capable of assembling the team who will be able to produce a first class standard in the basic housekeeping, maintenance and security at acceptable cost.

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3.Recommendation on the suitable shoppertainment to be included in the shopping centre

My recommendation I could say when shopping centres was classified as by the wide variety of stores,those days are completely gone although variety of shops will always be important shopping centre should develop more entertainment, with possibilities like Cinema more fancy restaurants, sport, Beach fun, Comedy club, aquarium, In order to compete against online stores and to gain customers and also by developing more entertainment it could be a definite place where family and friends could share or spend some quality time together not just to meet and sit over a meal only in the food court. The necessity of developing entertainment or innovating entertainment is very important than just providing shopping experience for example is the key of creating loyalty with customers or shoppers. Entertainment could be the motivation for families to visit shopping centres more frequently and making them to spend more time, also the safe entertainment areas gives the families peace of mind to allow their kids to play, The existence of shoppertainment plays a major role in enhancing a shopping experience

4.Your thoughts on the location of the shopping centre

Great attractive location in and around,very safe and secure and it is located in an environment that requires each and every individual to work hard it has mix of retail store but it is very spacious with a lot of parking areas and it is also convenient for those who use public transport, it is very accessible using public transport like golden arrow bus and MyCiti bus station and mini-taxis because it is halfway between Northern suburbs and Cape town CBD,on the N1. It is also located close to Ratanga Junction which has over 30 attraction features of entertainment

5.Your thoughts on the expected success of the shopping centre

To have a very strong brand image, location it is easily accessible, Its design and layout creates comfortable shopping experience with excellent maintenance, Parking area it is very sufficient parking space.

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