1960’s UK Holiday increase Essay

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1960’s UK Holiday increase

The 1960s saw leisure travel turn in mass tourism due to the number of holiday’s increasing, particularly foreign holidays. There are numerous reasons why the number of holidays abroad increased from 4 million to 7 million between 1961 and 1971. I will explore how money, technology, leisure time and the growth of the tourist industry increased this number even more.

One of the mean reasons is the 47% increase in real earnings between 1955-70, this contributed to the increase of foreign holidays because when the real earnings increased it provided people with more spare cash to spend on their leisure and not on necessities like in previous years. Another factor that contributed greatly was that many people could now get two weeks paid leave per annum. 99 out of 100 industrial companies provided this for their workers; this led to an increase of foreign holidays because many people could now go abroad for two weeks and still get paid for doing so.

On top of this General Franco, the Spanish leader, encouraged tourism and travel so he developed many parts of Spain such a Benidorm and the Balearic islands. This led to the increase of holidays abroad because new locations offered a wide choice of holidays also a two holiday was cheap. Two weeks in Spain could cost you as little as i?? 20, its not surprising that 30% of overall package holidays were taken in Spain. The combination of the increase in real earnings, two weeks holiday with pay and cheap new exotic locations all combined to lead to the increase in foreign holidays.

The all lead to the increase because, many people had more time off work and more money available to go abroad. With a two week trip to Spain at such a low price of i?? 20 many more people could afford it after the increase in real earnings. In the 1960s people now had an increase in expectations and aspirations. This helped contribute because people wanted to go abroad it almost seemed like an adventure to a lot of the people as most had never been abroad, there was almost a hunger for holidays. This is linked with the low priced holidays mentioned above.

With their new desire to go on holiday people were willing to spend their money on pleasure time in the sun. Finally the opening of new airlines, such as Britannia airways in 1964 and new package holidays led to an increase of foreign travel because, they opened up many destinations such as Spain, Greece and north America which were previously inaccessible to British people. This combined with new technology like faster jets to make the number of foreign holidays increase. With more choice and faster me3ans of getting their people loved the idea of travel and mass tourism was produced.

In conclusion I think the rise of holidays abroad was due to a number of factors. I think the most important factors were the cheap package holidays and the 47% increase in real earnings. Without the increase of wages people wouldn’t have as much money to spend on leisure time. I also think that without the cheap holidays like the i?? 20 2 week holiday to Spain people wouldn’t of botherd going because it would have been out of many people’s price range. So I personally think that both ofthe factors above contributed to the increase in foreign travel during the 60s.

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