1920's Automobiles

Automobiles are among the most prominent innovations ever created. The vehicle market rapidly grew through the 1920’s. Henry Ford’s creation of the Model-T in 1903 increased the popularity of the vehicle. Ford’s innovation of the assembly line enabled the production of vehicles to increase rapidly. The assembly line permitted the car to be inexpensive for each American. Autos changed the way people took a trip and lived. Without vehicles we would not have drive-ins, drive-thru, or quick food dining establishments.

Individuals have actually pertained to depend upon their cars for earning a living, or traveling to their dream trip spot.

Cars ended up being affordable, and very easy to make. In the 1920’s, the automobile industry started a transformation that we continue to see today. In 1913 Henry Ford invented and set up the very first conveyor– belt assembly line in his vehicle plant in Michigan. The assembly line minimized the cost of production for automobiles by decreasing the assembly time.

Henry Ford’s objective was a low priced car that lots of people in all strolls of life could pay for. The assembly line could produce a cars and truck in an hour and half. The expense of an automobile reduced to 400$ the most affordable price of any care ever sold.

He sold over 15 million automobiles and the race in between Ford and GM began. General Motors Business was formed and established by William C. Durant in 1908. GM was the significant rival for Ford. The President of GM Alfred Sloan started realizing that they had and benefit over Ford Motor Business.

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Ford just had one body style vehicle. GM had numerous various varieties of cars and trucks. GM started making four, six, and 8 cylinder automobiles. GM started doing inventory control, and stopped any line vehicles that were not popular with customers. GM started making yearly model modifications and started marketing.

GM was able to defeat Ford Motor company due to the changes that Sloan had made. In 1921 General Motors sold over 457,000 cars and profited over 61 million. A group of companies that merged into what is now known as Chrysler became the next competitor. Chrysler Corporation new that they did not have the manufacturing resources to build a low priced car, and did not have the financial resourses to build a new plant. The solution came when Dodge Brothers Manufacturing Company was put on the market. The Dodge Brothers had become victims of the Influenza epidemic. The heirs decided to sell the company.

Chrysler purchased the company which had the resources they needed. The Dodge sales organization was considered to be one of the best in the country. With all the resources that Chrysler acquired they were able to develop the Plymouth in 1928. Chrysler then became the developing structure in America . GM and Ford began establishing manufacturing plants in Europe and throughout the world. Automobile manufacturing was the largest in the country. The employment in automobile factories was 250 million in 1922 and in excess of 400 million in 1929; the amount of paid wages doubled from 400 million to 800 million.

Before automobiles we had horses. Horses travel on dirt and grass. Automobiles travel on highways. The automobile also led to highway construction, gas services, and repair. These industries employed about the 1,2 million people. In The motor vehicle also increased the sale of rubber, steel, glass, and petroleum products. The total effect of the invention of the Motor Vehicle on American life has yet to be measured. The invention of the automobile gave America superiority. Today 41 million vehicles are produced every year. Gasoline shortages, and car wrecks will always be a factor.

The automobile industry improved social status, and increased your financial status. Americans were given the means to travel farther, faster, and more freely. Americans can travel to their favorite fast food restaurant, favorite park, favorite beach, and still have time to go to work.

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