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17th Century Art, Light vs. Dark

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The use of light and dark in 17th Century art captures your eye, and you wish to include this important Baroque element in your book. Look at the portraits in the text and pick two painters and compare how they use brilliant light and dark shading to illuminate parts of the human body. I will use two different artists Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Battle of the nudes. Along with, Michelangelo. Pieta from Old Saint Peter’s. 17th Century Art, light vs. dark

I will take a look at Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Battle of the nudes from the c.

1465-1470 The engraving is in my hometown of Cincinnati Art Museum, in Ohio. This shows men at war fighting and killing one another everyone is in the nude. The five men wearing headbands and five men without, fighting in pairs with weapons in front of some woods. To me it looks like the ones that have on the bands are on one team and the other’s are together.

The designer and engraver, sculptor was a trained goldsmith and bronze sculptor. answers. com) I like this one because its art you can feel. Michelangelo. Pieta from Old Saint Peter’s, laying across the Virgin Mary. With the dead Christ in her arms, with the body of an average-sized man. Cardinal Jean Bilheres de Lagraulas’ due to his death, he was not able to see the completion of. The inventive triangular composition conveys grandeur. Mary is seated upon the Rock of Golgotha, which had supported Christ on the cross.

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She is extensively draped in clothing and her body is large.

He’s body looks like its falling off of the lap of Mary. Instead of Christ’s body showing deformation from hanging on the cross. On this statue hands are very expressive, with her right hand holding and cradling Christ, while her left hand is extended. One of the most famous works of art, the Pieta was probably finished before Michelangelo was 25 years old.

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