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Summary of The Secret Seven Short Story

Categories Literature, Mystery, Short Story

Summary, Pages 4 (871 words)



Summary, Pages 4 (871 words)

The story begins with the group of kids. They are seven members in the story and with few characters. The secret seven members are : Jack, Peter, Pam, Barbara, Collin, Janet, George and along with them scramper called spaniel. Which is a small dog. And along with them Jack’s sister Susie and her friend rabbit faced Binkie. Also there in this story. Their first meeting was a their place with blocked letters in the name board mentioned as S. S. They chosen the place a get prepared themselves for their secret seven meeting.

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Everyone was too excited.

The main thing is that everyone in the S. S should have their password. The first password set by them was WUFF-WUFF and this was made by the dog scramper the spaniel. Their first meeting was started but that was interrupted by the susie. She step in their place and everyone became anger against her and her brother too. She said that she was not there to spoil their S.

S meeting but to give some interesting thing to them. That was the Telescope. Everyone was little bit interested in seeing that. And the anger on her was not decreased. By after sending her off they decided to look through the telescope. Janet adjust that to some place there they saw the gulls.

George was interested in seeing gulls and he decided to write an essay about the Gulls in the winter time and he got ten out of ten in that essay. One day when Peter set the telescope and see something on the hills.

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There was a house there and the jackdaws and started admiring it. But on that time he saw that they were afraid of something. That was they started flying and making sound. It insisted the presence of a stranger. When Peter was about to see that person spaniel licked home in his paw and after that he jumped and the telescope’s angle was varied. And Peter became angry. And the S. S organised the meeting and was planning to go there to top of the hill and to see what was really happening. And they insisted Jack not to leak any secret to her sister. And the next day they all arrived there.

They took bicycle, snacks and coco etc. When they entered on the castle they felt something strange was happening inside it. There was a board which says that DANGER. The S. S was willing to see the place which was in downstairs. Everyone went down and the pathway looked dungeons. And they saw few painting was there without frame. After that the big bang sound arises so the entire group came our with the high sound. And took their cycles rashly and ran away from their. When the reached home they share about the things which happened in the strange Castle. But susie and her friend was not interrupted in this meeting. But when Jack arrived home. He saw susie cycle was still there in home so he realise that she was in the home the whole day. But what was really happened is susie and her friend Binkie went to the castle before the s. S reached there. And she said that the big bang sound was made by Binkie.

But she said that a lady was painting for her living and because of heavy winter she will move to the second back half portion of the castle. Like that susie said to the secret seven group. Everyone got angry with her and Binkie. Next night secretly susie reached the S. S place and take up the telescope and started looking through that and she saw the strange person coming to the castle. When she saw that she went to Peter room and saw about that. But Peter laughed at her. With anger susie leave the place and went to her home. And the next day the S. S found the telescope was missing. They searcher everywhere but it was not found. Them on behalf of susie Jack apologised for her. Then next day peter room the binoculars to see what was happening in the castle. Then at night after dinner they started to go up to the castle. But only boys. Scramper too was not taken with him. After the signal gave from the Peter they girls will go there. But Janet was willing to take scramper along with her. So reaching near Castle the boys even not uses the light.

They saw the old lady was sleeping in the castle. They remembered that Susie said. And without disturbing her they went below the downstairs, that dungeons and searching for their telescope. They four see an alarm ringing and was feared. But they hidden in the castle down in dungeon. But the were caught up by the three thieves and pit in the darkness of dungeons. At last like a friend in need is a friend in deed, scramper helped them to get out of this trouble. And Peter’s father too helped him to reach home safely. But they didn’t find the telescope but they reached home safety. Like the story ends and it was with adventures and it has a happy ending.

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