15 Most Popular Dog-Friendly Places in the World

If you are a pet owner choosing a place to live or for a short holiday can be a challenge, as you need to consider a location that offers a lifestyle that is suitable for you and your patron. Fortunately, there are many places to leave and discover the world with your 4-legged ally. This article lists the top 15 famous dog-friendly metropolises worldwide.

Most Dog-Friendly Places Globally

To any passionate pet owner, getting dog-friendly place goes beyond a city with restaurants where you can eat with your pup, pet-friendly patios or big dog parks.

It a location where your dog can enjoy a happy and healthy life, where people treat it like a king or queen. Moreover, the location should offer a variety of fun/ adventurers activities for you too. Here are a few elements to consider when choosing a dog-friendly destination.

‘Pet Budget’ when choosing the best place to travel or live with your dog you need to consider pet-related cost in the place including pet insurance, costs of vet visits, dog food and so on.

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‘Pet Health and Comfort’ consider the availability of vet services, pet-care services and pet-friendly facilities such as stores, shops, restaurants, hotels and offices.

‘Pet Outdoor Activities’ take into accounts elements like the weather and availability of outdoor fun or social facilities/ activities for the dog.

Putting all these factors together, we have prepared a list of the most popular places in the world, suitable for you and your charming companion.

15 Most Popular Dog-Friendly Places

Rome, Italy

Generally, the Italians accommodate dogs with warm hearts but if you are looking for the best city to be with your pooch, then Rome is always a great choice.

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Most of the holiday homes and some Roman hotels allow dogs so finding pooch-friendly housing is not a challenge. With a large resident dog population, you can also find dog-friendly rentals if you are planning to stay in the city.

Moreover, Roman dog policies are relaxed when it comes to eating out with your dog. Majority of the eating-places and pubs in Rome open their doors for dogs with some offering adequate out-door space when the weather allows. There are plenty of fun things for dog lovers including beautiful dog gardens within the city centre and the strategic Bau Beach.

Romans also allow dogs to travel on public transport but there are rules regarding how and where to board. Dogs need their own tickets and owners should leash and muzzle their dogs on public transport.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv has 1:17 dog to people ratio, the world’s largest dogs per capita, according to a Booking.com survey. Besides, there is a lot for pooches to explore including over 75 dog parks (at least one dog park per square kilometre), 4 canine-friendly beaches and an annual dog festival. This makes Tel Aviv is among most comfortable cities for pooches in the world.

Additionally, most of the restaurants and social joints welcome dogs and you can easily find a temporary holiday home that accommodates dogs as well as permanent dog-friendly residential homes. You can also freely travel with your dog on city buses, trains and taxi. Majority of the taxi operators allow passengers to travel with their pups at no extra fee. However, you may need a dog car seat for large dogs to ensure their comfort and safety when travelling.

Toronto, Canada

The Canadian city of Toronto is another great destination for dogs, especially during the warm months. Dogs are allowed on most of the patios and several cafeterias and eating-joints owners are happy to host your 4-legged friend whole-heartedly. Toronto is also the home to over 60 leash-free dog parks and the Cherry Beach where your pooch can cool down on the hot afternoons. Your pooch will enjoy a trip with Toronto Cruises though it should be leashed and maintain good manners.

Getting dog-friendly rentals will require more efforts in Toronto but many property owners welcome tenants with dogs. You can also benefit from a variety of websites that list pup-friendly residential and hotels. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on public transport during the peak hours but you with affordable taxis, you can always get around this.

Paris, France

France is known to have the most relaxed dog policy all over the world. Cafes in Paris, not only allow dogs in but also offer them chairs at the table. Recently, the city Metro service lowered the fare tickets for larger dogs and small dogs travel free. For the small breeds, they must be caged or in a bag while bigger breeds should be leashed and muzzles on public transport.

Additionally, there are countless of dog-friendly apartments in Paris though hunting for one can be a challenge. In terms of walkies, Paris has very strict rules as dogs are not allowed on green spaces and should be on-lead on the city patios.

Geneva, Switzerland

As a regulatory requirement, pup owners in Switzerland should undergo professional training and obtain a license, meaning only those who are serious about their pet have the opportunity to have one. After you obtain the license, life with your best friend will be easy and fun. Nearly every restaurant in Geneva opens the door for pups and even have a special menu for them. It is not a surprise to have water offered to your pooch shortly after it takes its seat at the table.

The city has also plenty of dog parks. Parc Bertrand is the largest fenced-off dog park in Geneva, where you will find benches in open space as well as trees and paths, giving pet owners and their dogs the space to enjoy the fresh air outdoors. Besides, Geneva has over 50 pet-friendly hotel so you can be sure to find accommodation for you and your 4-legged companion.

Keswick, UK

The Lake District of Keswick is a perfect destination for you and your patron when you need some life away from the city. With numerous places to explore and swim as well as an adventurous hike at Skiddaw, Keswick is a paradise for your pup. After a long day in nature, you can find a countless pub to take a rest, most of which offer exceptional dog treats.

London, UK

The city of London plays host to a number of large parks including the HydePark and Holland Park where your dog gets ample space to play off-leash. Further, public buses and trains are welcoming to pooches. Though most cafeterias and stores have strict dog policies, the majority of the pubs allow dogs, with spacious beer gardens where your pup can relax in comfort.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Here, dogs are welcome in most of the premises with exception of most the arts centres. All dogs whether small or large can enjoy free rides on public carriages but you may have to pay a small fee for your dog’s day pass when travelling on a train.

Unfortunately, the city is cold for the better part of the year, but when it is warmer, your dog will get to enjoy moments in the city’s canine parks, swimming in the Flevopark pools and other outdoor terraces.

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, people treat dogs with respect just as any other human family member. When touring the German city, you can freely explore the numerous historical sites, walking alongside your adorable patron or take a boat to a refreshing voyage trip. Countless hotels, restaurants and cafes warmly welcome pooches with some offering a bowl and a bed for the dog. Moreover, Berlin’s public transport is dog friendly so you can get around the city with your little friend more easily.

Krakow, Poland

The city of Krakow is one of the best places you can enjoy both indoors and outdoor experience. The Galicia Jewish Museum” and the Polish Aviation Museum are two of the few dog-welcoming museums in the world. You may also enjoy an evening with your canine friend at the Kino pod Baranami movie auditorium and host of other dog-friendly restaurants and pubs in the city.

Brussels, Belgium

Located just an hour’s drive from the city centre, Sonian Forest is one of the best places to have a long walk with your furry companion when in Brussels. There are also numerous dog zones where pups can run off-leash and plenty of doggie diners around the city. Interestingly, the Mexican eatery ChezWaWa offers discounts to Chihuahua owners.

Additionally, most of the hotels and holiday lets in Brussels open their doors for the pet parent who would like to hang around with their patrons.

Carmel, California, USA

Spending time in the Californian’s beautiful beaches, parks and trails is great but it is even greater when you do it with your playful friend. In Carmel, dogs are allowed to go together with their owners and they are even offered biodegradable waste bags at the entrance of the parks, trails and beaches.

Furthermore, several hotels treat dogs like kings and queens, providing a number of dog treats like dog room service menus, outdoor showers, turn down and happy hour.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town will soon play host to the prime dog-hotel in the world, with Frits planning to open a second branch that will feature a salon, spa and bar area. Additionally, many cafes in the city welcome you dine freely with your pooch; some even have a special doggie menu.

Copenhagen, Denmark

You can get around the city with your small pup for free on buses and trains but you need a child’s ticket for your larger breed. The city is also the host to the Dog’s Day, an annual event held at Tivoli Park, one of the Copenhagen’s magical attractions. However, for most parks in Copenhagen, dogs must be on lead and most restaurants have strict dog policy.

Barcelona, Spain

The most interesting place in Barcelona is the Park Guell, one of the city’s most popular sites that give you the opportunity to explore a blend of green space and architecture. Along with many other parks in the city, Park Guell welcomes owners accompanied by their 4-legged companions. Besides, several parks have a dog-fenced area with benches and spring fountains. There is also a beach that entertains canines all year through.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a place to live or visit without the worry of leaving your companion behind, the above places give you an option of the top most popular dog-welcoming places throughout the world.

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15 Most Popular Dog-Friendly Places in the World

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