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14 Characteristics 1411 Distribution IoT will be evolved in a

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Essay, Pages 2 (494 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (494 words)

1.4 Characteristics: Distribution:

IoT will be evolved in a highly distributed environment. In fact, information may well be gathered from completely different sources and processed by many entities during a distributed manner. Interoperability:

Devices from the distributors will be cooperated in order to achieve various goals. In addition, systems related protocols can be compelled to be made during a means that permits devices from different makers to exchange figures and add in a proper way. Scalability:

In IoT, number of objects are parts of the network.

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Thus, systems and applications that execute on top of it will have to manage this extraordinary amount of generated data. Resources Scarcity:

The power and computation resources will be highly rare. Security:

Users’ feelings of inability and under the unknown external control can be seriously delayed IoT’s deployment.

1.5 IOT – Impact

IoT is fetching a new level of coverage and information that were not possible before due to technological advancement and scalability DOT. IoT via variety of sensors will increase smartness and intelligence of information gathering that will impact a better decision and results.

We have boarded into the next era of technology evolution, after PC-era and post mobile-era. With the fast growth of mobile applications and generation of big data, there will be need for series of analysis to make sense of the data and present the user with factual and filtered information so that sound learned decision can be taken and communicated. This level of communicating quality results will open the window to a new level of smart communication that will lead to a combined networking supported by social media and breakdown obstacles for global and effective and intelligent global communications.

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1.6 IOT – Applications

1.6.1 Monitoring

· Parking Spaces

· Building Conditions

· Monitoring

? Device Detection

? Electromagnetic Field Levels

? Traffic Congestion

? Smart Lighting

? Waste Management

? Smart Roads

1.6.2 Social Media

? LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently considered the actual source of professional networking. It is the largest business-oriented social network with more than 260 million users.

? Facebook

Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard College. Launched in 2004, it grew rapidly and now has more than a billion and half users. It introduced personal timelines to complement a user’s profile; timelines show chronological placement of photos, videos, links, and other updates made by a user and his or her friends.

? Twitter

Twitter’s original idea was to design a system for individuals to share short SMS messages with a small group of people. Hence, tweets were designed to be short and led to the limit of 144 characters per tweet.

? Google+

Google+ is the only social network to rival Facebook’s user base with more than a billion users. The main feature of Google+ is circles; by being part of the same circle, people create focused social networks. Circles allow networks to center around ideas and products; circles are also the way that streaming content is shared between people. A user makes circles by placing other Google+ users into them. This is done through an interface built very similarly to Gmail and Google Maps.

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