14 Best Reading Practices Essay

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14 Best Reading Practices

Best Practice 1: Explicit Word Analysis Instruction, Including Phonics Teachers provide explicit instruction, build word knowledge, and directly teach skills and strategies for word analysis (phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, structural analysis, context clues, vocabulary). Best Practice 2: Assessment to Inform Instruction Teachers routinely monitor and assess the reading levels and progress of individual students. This ongoing evaluation directs and informs instruction. Best Practice 3:

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Planning Teachers plan instruction considering three phases: before, during and after reading. Best Practice 4: Collaboration and Reflection Teachers routinely self-reflect and collaborate on instructional practices and student progress within school and/or district. Best Practice 5: Learning Standards Teachers facilitate conceptual knowledge of Illinois English Language Arts learning standards. Best Practice 6: Independent Students have opportunities for sustained reading (oral and/or silent) every day.

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