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Microsoft Office

The office uses Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition which is the leading software in the market today. It offers significant advantages which include excellent functionality, improved collaboration between people, information and processes, attractive and easy to use interface and useful collection of applications.  Among the Office 2003 applications which are commonly used include:

Outlook: The 2003 Professional Edition has given a much better look to Outlook than before.  The software offers new and advanced features such as improved junk mail facility and addition of data markers which allow the user to see not just the date but the day when an email was sent or received.

Word: The most common and useful word-processing tool available today.  The 2003 version is quite advanced and understands the XML file format.  It comes with easy editing and formatting tools, graphs and diagram templates, spell check, grammar and thesaurus and an overall user-friendly interface.  A key disadvantage with Word is the amount of memory it takes up which is higher than the older versions.

Excel:  Excel is a very handy tool when it comes to dealing with data and data related activities.  It enables the user to turn data into useful information and offers tools which help in the analysis, communication and sharing of that data and its key findings and conclusions.  Excel also offers the added advantage of using Extensible Markup Language (XML) data which provides users greater flexibility to connect with business processes.  Excel spreadsheets are easy to use and read and provide easy access to important information.  The software is a must for any company and allows timely access to information and helps smooth the process of decision making.  Overall, it’s easy to use but a key disadvantage is the difficulty of using pivot tables and numerical calculations through formulas.

PowerPoint: PowerPoint allows the user to crate presentations that have more impact and that have the ability to transmit information in a more accurate and interesting manner.  This software can help create amazing presentations with the use of graphics, animation and multimedia.  Presenting is quite easy with various slide show tools and transitions.  With PowerPoint, it is also quite easy to share and exchange relevant presentations with others by sharing them and by using the shared attachment option.  Important and confidential presentations can be secured by preventing others from copying or printing the slides.  This can be done through the Information Rights Management functionality.

FrontPage:  This software is another important tool especially in today’s age of the World Wide Web.  Microsoft FrontPage offers great features, flexibility and functionality and allows users to create unique and attractive websites.  It provides easy to use designing and publishing tools and also allows users to test their site with various combinations and resolutions to determine how it would eventually turn out to be.  Users can take advantage of multiple images and content and build websites that are effective and attractive.

Windows Server 2003: The Windows 2003 Server is an extremely essential and effective operating system that helps organizations create strong infrastructure and make a network which would work with great efficiency.  The 2003 server offers enhanced security, increased reliability and is extremely easy to use and administer.  This software is great to collaborate with people, information, systems and devices.  While it offers great benefits, a major disadvantage of Windows Server 2003 is that it requires more system resources. It also needs to reboot more frequently than UNIX or Linux.  It is comparatively more expensive than other operating systems.

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