Importance of Technology in Classroom Essay

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Importance of Technology in Classroom

Technology is either a boon or bane, depends how and for what purpose it’s being used. If technology is used to cure diseases in people, to help people communicate with each other across geographical boundaries, to reduce human effort by making things simple, easy and accessible, it indeed is a boon. However, if science and technology is used to prepare nuclear bombs or other weapons of war, it is harmful. As pros and cons of technology have always been debated, with some people arguing that its the best thing to have happened to human race and some totally against it, it is often wondered should the children, the future of mankind, be introduced to technology at a young age in schools? What is the importance of technology in classrooms? Let’s find out the answers…

Importance of Technology in the Classroom

Active Participation When students are learning through technology, they are themselves looking for information on the Internet. They make their own decisions regarding the information i.e. whether it is relevant or irrelevant. They have control over how to use or present this information. Thus, one of the main benefits of using technology for classrooms is that unlike a teacher-led classroom, where students passively receive whatever information the teacher is providing, in tech savvy classrooms, students are active participants.

In-depth Knowledge

Jon Stewart once commented, “The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.” By using the Internet technology, obtaining information on all kinds of subjects has become very easy. A student sitting in his classroom can learn how people in a small village in Africa live life. Thus, Internet is a kind of library which is at the disposal of a student with just a click. A student can acquire in-depth knowledge on any subject using this vast resource.

Real-life Work Experience

The importance of technology in the classroom can be gauged from the fact that it offers an experience to students similar to the working environment that one sees in offices. In technology savvy classrooms, a teacher acts as a facilitator who sets project goals for the students and provides them with the necessary resources and guidelines to reach those goals. The student himself makes decisions with regards to the design choices, the information he wants to use and display, the resources that he will use. You may read more on the importance of science and technology. Moreover, these days, students themselves are very tech savvy and may sometimes even know more than the teacher himself. So, there is a constant exchange of information between the students and the teachers. Such an environment prepares a student to work in business organizations in the future.

Increased Motivation

Researches have shown that there is great importance of integrating technology in the classroom. When students are taught through slide shows or by showing films, it makes the lessons very easy and interesting for them. It helps in their learning, at the same time motivates them to attend school everyday. Thus, another importance of technology in schools is that it brings down the drop-out rates.

Technical Skills

Using computers on a daily basis, helps the students in developing an understanding of the various computer tools and softwares. This kind of education prepares the students and makes it easier for them to learn about the various software applications in future. You may read more on why is technology so important today. This very well defines the importance of computers in the classroom.

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