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Nervousness and shyness Essay

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Nervousness and shyness are always when it’s you’re first time. For many reason, and lot of stuff playing on my mind. Such, I do not know the people in the office; and I do not have any actual experience. That made me quiet at first. Trying to observe on how to get along with the employee. Later on, I found out that it wasn’t really difficult to mingle with the employee and to my co-trainee. In learned that most of them were jokers and they were so nice to trainee like me. As time goes by, the nervousness and shyness faded away made bonding and been close to the employees.

And I feel happy and comfortable in the department I was assigned. My supervisor Mr. Wilfredo Solis, treat me as if I am one of his colleague. And even I’m just a trainee, it don’t made me feel uncomfortable as I worked with him and my interaction with other employees. I later learned to work with longer patient. Although, thoroughly working on something was time consuming. The output I have learned was a big factor that I considered. I learned from the employee and mostly on my supervisor experiences, and I apply it as whenever I needed to.

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I was encouraged to make well on my studies until I become professional. Sometimes, the warm temperature was a challenged on me, because there are times that I thought I might get sick. And I might get absent on my on-the-job duty. As a trainee or an intern, I have lots of duties or responsibilities to do on my assigned department. I was able to helped the regular employee especially my supervisor, through these following; •Reading transmitter Log. •Encoding Reports Furthermore, through these on-the-job training, it also enhanced my technical skills.

That I know could be a plus point the sooner I landed on a job . And could help me eases the culture shock in dealing on the actual field and with different specialized people of their expertise. I learned a lot from my experiences as an On-the-Job Trainee of GMA TV10/RGMA Dagupan. First of all, I’m very much gratified for the support and understanding of my superiors especially on times when I committed mistakes. More than any learning thought in school, I learned to be with others, to work with people.

I learn also to listen to my senior, Mr. Solis even though at times I can’t understand his instructions. I also learn to accept criticism and be apologetic for my mistakes. He particularly imparts in me what I must know in making use of corporate resources and corporate values. n sum, the whole OJT experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, the 200 hours was a breeze except for those days when I had a hard time waking up, when traffic was really bad and when I was feeling lazy and out of it.

Going to work and seeing some friendly faces helped a great deal. Having to do OJT with friends made it a whole lot easier for me. It was also nice to have to go to work together everyday with my sisters (and having occasional lunch outs at UCC or Oliver’s). I’m sure the real world wouldn’t always have as many friendly faces but we all, relationships that is, have to start somewhere. Before all the relationships and friendships have even started, we were but strangers in this sea of unfamiliar and nameless faces.

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