Edward Zwick’s Glory Essay

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Edward Zwick’s Glory

Edward Zwick’s Glory was powerful film history that popularized a story of the Civil War which was largely unknown. Primarily, this film gave credit to the story of African-American 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry from Robert Gould Shaw’s perspective who was a son of Boston abolitionist. This Hollywood movie depicts the participation of African American soldiers during the American Civil War which gives us some perspective about our history.

Synopsis The film was all about the historical views of the Civil war took place in America (IMDb 1990 -2001). Glory” has been entitled to this film because it was a celebration of the African soldiers who courageously stood every challenge although it was not recognized by history due to racism. The heroes who belonged to the 54th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry were all African-American soldiers. The regiments were headed by the son of an abolitionist named Col. Robert Gould Shaw who took the responsibility of preparing these soldiers for battle.

Their race had been a hindrance and this was the reason why these soldiers were denied of every privilege and were given the hardest task although they fought in behalf of their white counterparts. When the day finally arrived to attack Ft. Wagner on July 18, 1863, the Confederates secretly and safely slipped away. Shaw led the 54th to fight for honor in a mission which was led to certain death while carrying the regiments into battle and fight for the honor of the country.

This film was a depiction of Northern racism but despite the fact that white people were reluctant to issue proper equipment, paying these black soldiers lesser than whites they still resist their demeaning position in the Union army. The film was all about the former black slaves who bravely fought in order to win the liberty for their enslaved brothers. The film also showed different scenes about the infantry regiments who witnessed the federal service of Union Army during the Civil war. The film was historically accurate in some aspects but some were quite contrasting.

Other historical aspects has been bent slightly such as the older depiction of Frederick Douglass in contrast with the historically accurate rendering of uniforms, weaponry and the battle’s opposing lines, the siege of a fortress; The role give to Shaw was also accurate; his acceptance to lead the 54th which was held in the field an not at the ball; Free-born blacks from the North had been drilled in local militaries before they got enlisted; Whipping was really used in Union army as a form of discipline; the 54th was the first black regiment ; Col.

James Montgomery was depicted as murderer of racist which distorted the fact that he was supporting John Brown as an abolitionist. Finally, the assault on Fort Wagner was set with the sea on their left though they should be travelling north where the sea must be on their right. As part of our history, the portrayals of the role revealed that people were basically good but also has an evil instinct and this plays an important event towards the modern world which gave us a deeper understanding of why racism started.

The film was made in 1980’s and was released in December 1989 in the U. S. The film was very timely since President Abraham Lincoln has been assassinated in 1985 which gave a great influence in the movie since he was the President during the Civil wars (Swanson; 42). President Lincoln finally helped the black men to secure the final victory after the fort has been abandoned. With this event from the scene, it shows that in our history, the government implemented rules regarding the separation of black people from the white together with all the policies that are given to them whenever they protest or did not follow the rules.

The film characters were mostly black people which can be critiqued as one sided view of the film to somehow suit their liberal agenda. Glory brought up some issues during those times such as slavery and sacrifice in order to be considered as men (Clamen, 2009). However, on the other hand, it only focused on one side which created negative rumors about Confederates as faceless enemies. The audience who will see it could create different interpretation about what had happened in the past which could possibly result to a new discussion for debates.

Somehow it could be diverted to issue in our present world that’s why, the director should be careful about it. The movie wants to tell the viewers that racism became a part of our past but because the black people fight for what they believe is right and showed that they can also be a great hero, they have been given the chance to prove that color should not be an issue when we talk about serving the nation. Opinion I have learned so much from life when I watched the movie. I have seen how hard it is to live at that time specially when you belong to the black race.

It is very obvious how the black people were treated as slaves at that time. The movie also shows the hardship that the black people experience. They don’t have a very good place to live in, they don’t have luxuries, they were not given importance on the society and they don’t have much privilege during those times. Since this movie was based from our history, I can say that everything that’s happening in modern times was really affected by it, and the result could be good or bad.

Good, in a sense that white people and black people were now united, bad to some people who still discriminate black people because of the history. It is also obvious in the film that the black soldiers were into special colored units which shows a form of segregation, another practice of racist in our nation’s history. I think that the movie brought up the best in conveying the historical lesson to the audience.

Each scene seems very realistic though not all, each line in the script was very essential and the characters did a very good job which made it possible in making this film a good one. Conclusion In general as a conclusion, racism has been part of the history which practically and emotionally, gave the black people the will and the courage to fight for their rights to be recognized as people and as part of the American society that in the end, their contribution has led to the victory of the whole and they have been recognized.

However, Hollywood is still going to give us a movie that will show us our past, but it needs a critical research, and deep examination of what had really happened in the past so that the movie will not appear biased to anyone else who will see it and those who are still connected with it. Overall, Hollywood is a big help to us in shaping our knowledge about what happened in our history as the film makers are making it as accurate as possible.

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