10 Schedule Management Plan Essay

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10 Schedule Management Plan

The pilot project schedule is the roadmap for how the project will be executed. This part of our project as it provides the project team, sponsor, and sponsor, and stakeholders a picture of the project’s status at any given time. The purpose of the schedule management plan is to define the approach the project team will use in creating the project schedule. This plan also includes how the team will monitor the project schedule and manage changes after the baseline schedule has been approved. This includes identifying, analyzing, documenting, prioritizing, approving or rejecting and publishing all schedules-related changes.

Schedule Management Approach

Project schedules for the pilot project will be created using MS Project 2010 starting with the deliverables indentified in the project’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Activity definition will identify the specific work packages which must be performed to complete each deliverable. Activity sequencing will be used to determine the order of work packages and assign relationships between project activities. The duration of activity estimating will be used to calculate the number of work periods required to complete work packages. Resource estimating will be used to assign resources to work packages in order to complete schedule development.

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Once a preliminary schedule has been developed, it will be reviewed by the project team and any resources tentatively assigned to project tasks. The project team and resources must agree to the proposed work package assignments, durations and schedule. Once this is achieved the project sponsor will review and approve the schedule and it will then be baselined.

The following will be designates as milestones for the project schedule: – Completion of scope statement and WBS – Baselined project schedules – Approval of final project budget – Project kick-off – Approval of roles and responsibilities – Requirements definition approval – Completion of data mapping – Project implementation – Acceptance of final deliverables

Roles and responsibilities for schedule development are following:

The project manager Richard will be responsible for facilitating work package definition, sequencing, and estimating duration and resources with the project team. The project manage will also create the project schedule using MS Project 2010 and validate the schedule with the project team, stakeholders and the sponsors of the project. The project manager will obtain schedule approval from the project sponsor and baseline the schedule.

The project team is responsible for participating in work package definition, sequencing and duration and resource estimating. The project team will also review and validate the proposed schedule and perform assigned activities once the schedule is approved.

The project sponsor will participate in reviews of the proposed schedule and approve the final schedule before it is baselined.

The project stakeholders will participate in reviews of the proposed schedule and assist in its validation.

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