10 Rules of the Success of Ricardo

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This case study shows that employees are the key assets of the company. In the beginning of his business carrier he is a autocratic leader but after some time he become a more accommodated and provide autonomy in the hands of the employees which leads to higher growth of the corporation. He changed structure of the organisation, policies, rules and regulations. Ricardo takeover whole ownership of the firm from his father because he wants to diversify the products of the concern.

I find some difficulties while doing research on the case study and from these experiences I learn many things and while making my next presentation, will keep those points in my mind.

From the beginning, I purchase this case study from (https://www.iveycases.com/) this website and then read whole part of it. Ricardo Semler takeover enterprise at the age of 24. After his father, he restructures the company and diversify into different product lines. Hierarchical organization charts have negative affects on the personnel.

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As they did not feel comfortable while working with each other they are facing personal issues and egoistic problems while working. Semco’s company dealing with marine pumps, dishwashers, digital scanners, mixing machines and filters and many environment and banking services. With these statements we came to know that how they control their association. With the help of power point presentation, I tried to present their ideas and information up to some extent. After studying this case study then I search on you tube for some articles from whom I came to know about the 10 rules of the success of Ricardo in which he says that give time to yourself to think critical about ideas, manage the issue of ego with myself and your co-workers, never repeat the things which held in past and make them your success, keep faith in selfer and do those operations in which you have interest, always know about your limitations so that you can not get affected by them and always ask questions to your supervisors or managers about your work.

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To get more information I google some facts and information about institution, which shows they difference in the size, scope, technology, ownership of resources and management, which represents that how his authority got changed and how this new style work in the group to gain more profits and to sustain the firm. The main problems which Semco’s facing are factual direction styles which reproduce a multifariousness of issues that can cause budgetary and non-budgetary destruction to Semco and When labours looses their control they did not work properly which could effects brand image, which could be control by them with their efficiency and effectiveness.

So, this is about case study, we know that how amazon and google and the two foundations which provide their employees a proper facilities and everything which they need to sustain in their working conditions so that they can give their better to the company. From my point of view, it is good initiative taken by Semco to give power to the members but if they are not responsible to someone they will do their work just to satisfy themselves not contribute their actual skills to the association to make it more profitable.

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