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To our beloved President and Cavite School Life founder, Mr. Ernesto V. Yu, to our adorable Cavite School of Life director and Finance Officer, Ms. Maybelle O. Yu, to the man with a big heart, our Principal, Mr. Roberto G. Dumali, to our efficient student affairs coordinator Mr. Francis H. Mangrobang, to our handsome Discipline Coordinator, Mr. Rogelio T. Chavez, to our school board members, faculty and staffs, parents, family, fellow graduates, guests, ladies and gentlemen.

Good day.

There is a Latin dictum which says and I quote, “Ex abundancia cordis, os loquitur” which means, “From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!”

Today, allow me to speak of Angelic words, of words of wisdom, of words of love and of words of joy and thanksgiving. For today, in this very historical place, and in this very important moment in our very lives as graduates of 2013, we have witnessed the fruits of our labor! Today, I stand before you not as a superhero, nor a genius, and not even the best of all but as one with you who can truly prove the proof of success despite of nothingness.

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Yes, nothingness or poverty is never a hindrance to a true success! Once more, we have proven that. Once more, I have proven that. As you may all have known, my parents are never rich. You must have known and learned how my father, Papa Boy, labored so hard to send me to this wonderful and spirit filled school. You must have known as well, how my mother, Mama Paz has to give up some of her wants just so that I can pursue my studies. When Papa Boy got a stroke that almost send him to eternal rest, I almost lose hope for he is the only one who provides us with our basic needs especially my school needs. Thinking that I might stop from schooling really sends shivers down my spine. As I look at Mama Paz crying, I could not but feel the tremendous pain of a mother who was not only thinking of how could Papa survive much more to her fears of asking me to stop from schooling.

Despite that, my family stood still with faith and trust and even inspired me more to study well. It took us months of really praying and holding of our hands together, sharing whatever little we have for none in my family would allow me to stop from schooling. Even if Mama Paz did not tell, I knew then that she had to do so many things (call it part time jobs) just to make ends meet. Papa Boy on the other hand fought so hard to regain health the soonest. “Alam kong nahihirapan ng husto si Papa pero nilalabanan niya ang kanyang sakit para maiwasan ang nag aambang kamatayan dahil alam ko sabi niya sa sarili niya, andiyan pa si Jasmine na kailangang makapagtapos ng pag-aaral.” Indeed I was and am so lucky to have parents like them—di man mayaman pero hindi nila ako pinababayaan. Papa Boy and Mama Paz, maraming salamat po sa lahat lahat. Hindi ako darating sa kinaroroonan ko ngayon kung hindi dahil sa inyo. I love you po!

I am also grateful to Cavite School of Life because though my father was sick at that moment, they didn’t abandon him, they still gave him a chance and hope to live and work for his family, most especially for me, his daughter. This we owe so much to Mr. Ernesto V. Yu and his family, we will forever give thanks to them, Words are not enough to express how blessed we are to have you Mr. and Mrs. Yu in our life. Needless to say, how grateful I am too to all of my teachers, especially my adviser, Ms Maricar, my classmates and my friends who are so supportive and understand my situation. They have always been there in times when truly I needed them most.

When I first came to Cavite School of Life, I didn’t expect that I will be changed and be improved for the better, because in my previous school, our Principal seems didn’t care about us, unlike here I really felt that I’m a part of the family and here, our teachers wanted us to learn not just for school but for life, I’m very overwhelmed by the people here, because they helped me to prepare not just for college but also for our future.

I was a second year student when I started studying here in Cavite School of Life, at first I was only a girl in the corner, doesn’t care what around or what’s happening, I also can’t understand why I’m here in Cavite School of Life. A lot of questions in my mind such as why I’m studying? What’s God’s plan for me? I have no idea at all. But after two months, I just woke up then I realized that everything seems at place, I’m growing, I’m learning and I’m happy. The next thing I know is that, my relationship to God became better, and I found out that the school philosophy, “WE LEARN NOT FOR SCHOOL BUT FOR LIFE” is true. This school shelter and taught us not only for school, they also prepared us to live our life outside.

After this night, we will be leaving the school but the lessons that we learned will remain in our hearts forever, Thank you Cavite School of Life for that. That is the thing we will surely treasure the most.

Indeed my very own life is a living testament of success despite scarcity. That indeed behind the hills of sacrifices lay the valley of success. If we stand together as I, we could do anything. Now I could say that the greatest gift my parents give me, besides life, is education. The same thing I believe is what every parent here now is giving to each one of us. May I invite you all therefore to be one with me in giving the greatest and deepest expression of our gratitude to them who have labored so hard and worked so well so that we may become what we are today. Fellow graduates, let us all stand therefore and give the loudest and sincerest to our dearly beloved parents!

As we leave the portals of our dear Alma Matter, let us always remember not only the good and funniest memories but life’s learning experiences we have gained. Let us treasure them and bring them to whatever we go so we can also become the bearers of light and life. Let us always remember that what we are now is God’s gift to us and what we became of ourselves is our gift to Him.

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