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10 Interview Questions and Answers Essay

Paper type: Interview

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1. Why should I hire you?
Because I sincerely believe that I’m the best person for this job. I realize that there are many other college students who have the ability to do this job. But I also bring an additional quality that makes me the very best person for this job. Because I’m putting every part of myself into achieving it.

2. What is your long-range objective? Where do you want to be 10 or 15 years from now? Although it’s certainly difficult to predict things far into the future, I know what direction I want to develop toward.

Within five years, I would like to become the asset of your company. I will work toward becoming the expert that others rely upon. And in doing so, I feel I will be fully prepared to take on any greater responsibilities that might be presented in the long term.

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3. How has your education prepared you for your career? As you will note on my resume, I’ve taken not only the required core.

I’ve also gone above and beyond. I’ve taken every class the college has to offer in the field and also completed an independent study project specifically in this area. But it’s not just taking the classes to gain academic knowledge–I’ve taken each class, both inside and outside of my major, with this profession in mind. I’ve always tried to keep a practical view of how the information would apply to my job.

4. If you had to live your life over again, what would you change? That’s a good question. I realize that it can be very easy to continually look back and wish that things had been different in the past. But I also realize that things in the past cannot be changed, that only things in the future can be changed. That’s why I continually strive to improve myself each and every day and that’s why I’m working hard to continually increase my knowledge. That’s also the reason why I want to work in your company. To make positive change. And all of that is still in the future. So in answer to your question, there isn’t anything in my past that I would change. I look only to the future to make changes in my life.

5. Tell me about yourself.
I put my heart into everything I do, whether it is sports or work. I find that getting along with your peers and being part of the team makes life more enjoyable and productive.

6. How much is the salary you are expecting?
I’m looking for a job and a company to call home. The most important thing to me will be the job itself and the company. If I am the right person for you, I’m sure you’ll make a fair offer appropriate to my job responsibilities, experience, and ability to do the job successfully.

7. Can you work under pressure?
Yes, I usually find it stimulating. However, I believe in planning and proper time management to reduce panic deadlines within my area of responsibility.

8. Why should I hire you?
I believe I have the qualifications that you need; I am a team player; and I take directions and have the desire to reach success.

9. What is your greatest strength?
Perhaps my greatest strength is the ability to stick to a difficult task yet be able to change course rapidly when required. I believe in planning and proper management of my time and yet I can still work under pressure.

10. Why do you want to work here?
I am not looking for just another paycheck. I enjoy my work and I am proud of my profession. I believe that this company has superior service and reputation. I share the values that make this possible, which should enable me to fit in and complement the team. I believe that the company can provide me with a stable and happy working environment. I think that your company has that reputation and that such an atmosphere would encourage my best work.

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