Zappos faces Competitive Advantages Essay

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Zappos faces Competitive Advantages

Zappos faces Competitive Advantages
Chapter 1
Zappos is an online retailer that has found its business on 10 core values that help successfully run their business. The company is known for their culture. They feel that culture evaluate how the employees will perform their job functions. The questions below will define what challenges they will face when competitive challenges intervene. 1. Zappos seems to be well-positioned to have a competitive advantage over other online retailers. What challenges discussed in Chapter 1 pose the biggest threat to Zappo’s ability to maintain and enhance its competitive position? How can human resource management practices help Zappos meet these challenges?

Although Zappos is well-positioned to have a competitive advantage over other online retailers one of the biggest threats in my opinion that they will face is globalization. I say this because from the reading; Zappos use competitive pricing. However, in international markets products have a cheaper price and their shipping rates vary. Therefore, Zappos wouldn’t be able to offer their free shipping if they were to relocate into international markets.

Another challenge they are likely to have pose on their business if they enter into international markets is sustainability. Sustainability basically goes hand in hand with globalization because they would have to be able to adapt to the change when entering into these markets. For example, the economy is changing everyday throughout the United States and internationally with how businesses run. With the pricing in these markets going international is going to also affect how their business will successfully run.

Human resource practices can help meet these challenges by helping recruit the right employees to still promote the vision that Zappos currently hold. They can do this by interviewing through assessment testing to make sure they have the skills and requirements for the position of which they apply. Also, these practices if performed correctly can help them in evaluating the environment in which they choose to locate internally as well as externally so that their business practices are performed.

2. Do you think that employees of Zappos have high levels of engagement? Why?

I believe that Zappos demonstrates a well engaged employee relationship within the company. I say this because any company that takes the time to have outside lunches with the staff in order to hear the different ideas that they have come up with, believes in a satisfied worker and work environment. Many companies in today’s society only listen when a complaint is made over their 1800 hotline. Zappos actually take the time out and listen to every complaint of their employees individually.

3. Which of Zappos’ 10 core values do you believe that human resource practices can influence the most? The least? Why? For each of the core values, identify the HR practices that are related to it. Explain how each of the HR practice(s) you identified is related to the core values.

I believe that human resource practices could influence the most is Zappos customer service. Customer service is needed throughou

Core Values:
1. Deliver Wow through service— Sustainability
2. Embrace and drive change—
3. Create fun and a little weirdness—Sustainability
4. Be adventurous, creative, and open minded—Sustainability 5. Pursue growth and learning—-
6. Build open and honest relationships with communication—Sustainability 7. Build a positive team and family spirit—Technology
8. Do more with less—Sustainability
9. Be passionate and determined—Sustainability
10. Be humble—Sustainability

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