Yum cha between my culture and our culture Essay

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Yum cha between my culture and our culture

Yum cha, which is a Chinese style morning and afternoon tea, involves drinking Chinese tea and eating dim sum, which are small dishes. In expert restaurants, staff will commonly wheel around heated trolleys serving small yum cha dishes. Hong Kong also has some western food and local food, like mango pudding, egg tarts that are desserts. Before Hong Kong was occupied by British, which already had “Yum cha”. Then, this traditional is important for people. Yum cha is a habit for most of local Hong Kong people. Some of them will go to yum cha once times per week. Or they will spend a whole morning to enjoy the meal with friends. In my family, we have a traditional, dad and mum bring me to yum cha in every Sunday, on that day, and they will spend 1 to 2 hours to yum cha, to have a little gathering for us.

When I was young, my parents always ordered my favourite dim sum to me, and we have lots of interesting conversation. After that, my dad would give me the pocket money; it was a great time for me. Now, I was grow up, we may not go to yum cha in every Sunday now, if we feel free, we must go to yum cha. If we decide to yum cha, I will go to the Chinese restaurant wait for my parents and ordered their favourite dim sum. But technology influence, we would not talk a lot, I only focus on my telephone, and my parents only read the newspaper. It seems a bad effect for us, not only my family. Yum cha’s original meaning is a little gathering with relative or friends, and enjoys the dim sum.

Nowadays, the meaning changed. Most of teenager just hold a smartphone, and keep going touch it, just focus on it, no conversation with family. Although, our traditional was altered, we will not have yum cha in every Sunday, I believe this traditional must go on, spend some time with family, is a most important thing in my life. Chinese like goes to yum cha with family, and care about family. When we feel free, we should not only focus on friends, technology but family.

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