Women are better parents than men Essay

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Women are better parents than men

Today , with the development of society, people’s living styles have changed a lot. A common phenomenon is that more and more men play a fundamental part in our daily life, they stay at home doing housework and taking care of children. However, women work outside the home. Although this trend becomes more and more popular, the importance of women dealing with educating and taking care of children can’t be replaced. That is to say: women are better parents than men. Supporters of men are better parents argue that men have enough energy to do many things such as sending children to school or keeping track of the children’s doctor and dentist appointments, etc. But are these enough for bringing up a child? Of course ,the answer is No. In traditional belief: women who are not good at domestic duties will have difficulty in their family life sooner or later, so they have to get accustomed to cooking and taking care of children. Since they are teenage girls, they start to learn household tasks and raise children, so that they can become a good mother in the future.

Besides, when the man are young, their mothers do everything for them, they do not need to do any housework if they don’t like. Generally, most men are not good at cooking and they are careless, which results in their children’s unwilling to be along with them. Also, women are more circumspective than men, this is women’s nature that counts as an advantage in being better parents. Women have a sharp insight, they can know what their children are thinking through careful observation. Are they happy or sad, hungry or thirsty, want to sleep or want to listen to music? And then women will try to meet their demands by appropriate methods. Mother is the person who understand her child best. Contrarily, there is always an unbridgeable gap between the father and children in a family, for father is a strict and serious men that children dare not to express their emotions, even sometimes the kid behave abnormal, the father can’t find out anything wrong.

Last but not least, women are gentler and more tolerant than men, this contributes to women have more chances to contact with their kids. From very first day of pregnancy, there is a close and sacred relationship between mothers and their little babies. The belief that women’s sole responsibility is to raise their children has been deeply tooted in our society for a long time, hence, children may have a tendency to listen and confide their personal problems to them. And mothers will give them suggestions on how to solve these problems correctly. And men are sole financial providers and have to work very hard to support family, which makes them have little chance to talk to their children and know them better. In consequence, women are considered not only better mothers but also close friends by their kids. Having said these, although men are trying their best to be a good househusband, women still outweigh them in terms of taking on child rearing.

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