Why did Project Baton fail? Essay

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Why did Project Baton fail?

1. The two teams concentrated on different parts of the product, Indian team focus on lowering the cost while the US team on the design. Actually they did not corporate well; 2. The time difference (reasons for the late conference calls), different communication styles and different working styles caused misunderstanding and distrust; 3. The success of Fiit Project did not provide Indian team much experience of working internationally. Production

1. The outset issues caused the quality of the component of the product (the noise problem);
2. The cost of Project Baton is very difficult to cut;
3. The Indian team had the experience of EKG production but they did not have enough experience of stress test system;
4. The components from Asian suppliers were often delayed.

1. Unexpected departure of manager caused chaos for several weeks, delaying the project;
2. The initial goal of the project was too ambitious and too fast than comparable projects, which is difficult to achieve;
3. The project was far behind the schedule, causing heavy cash burden on the company.

Should Bella India take on Project TKO and develop an EKG specifically for the local market? I believe Bella should start the Project TKO.

1. India has the manufacturing advantages such as well-trained, extremely motivated and English-speaking engineers and lower-cost labor. 2. From previous experience (both success and failure), the teams have gained experience in working globally, which is valuable assets for the company. 3. Other competitors (China & Korea) that could use lower labor costs in manufacturing EKG would not be able to produce high quality products in the near future.

4. Both the demand and purchasing power of the emerging market (such as India) are growing. 5. Also, Indian patients are getting heart disease symptoms at younger age; and there are approximately 30 million CAD patients in India, which is a huge potential market. 6. Bella already has an India team, which could help the company to achieve a “local for local” R&D strategy. This would help the TKO product targeted on Indian market

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