Who is your someone which you admire to? Essay

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Who is your someone which you admire to?

As a matter of fact, everybody has a favorite person in his or her life. Live without being admired to some thing or someone is not really interesting. Because the admiration encourages and makes a person strong physically and mentally in his or her live. Admiration makes a person to be a hard worker and has a wish in live. My favorite person is my country’s president –Ahmid Karzai- which I really like hem. Since he selected as president in my country –Afghanistan- many things have been changed, people life in a good situation, peace and stability accommodated in all though the country . Many public and privet schools have opened for the students which were not able to go to school. Many universities stared to work for those students which graduate from schools. Many factories started to work that thousands people could get job and feed and support their families.

He is too smart, intelligent and hard worker. He has travelled to many countries to get help for making batter future in the country. My country is not that much rich to support everything in the country. He always says “We all obligated to rebuild our country that we will be able to have good country in the future”.

He always supports the poor people. He has a good attitude and sympathetic all people which life in the country specially with the people who have lost member of their families. He has provided many facilities for the everyone to travel to any country which they want to and people can import and export thing with every low tax.

In conclusion, every resident likes hem and proud to have such president which works for people and country to have a good future. Everybody wish our country one day won’t go to other countries for asking help. One of my big wish is to be like hem that everyone proud on my specially my dear parents.

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