Tiger Airways- Singapore Essay

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Tiger Airways- Singapore

Our marketing team ran a market investigation in Guangzhou, China. The aim of this research is to understand who are the core users, what are their flight experience and which values define them. The answers will lead us to comprehend their purchasing behaviour, hence allow us to plan a strategy for our company’s expansion. We will conduct our research with in mind Tiger Airway’s mission and vision: Mission – to address the needs of our budget conscious travellers looking for a reliable and fun low-fare service in the Asia pacific region.

Vision – we will empower people to explore new destinations and accumulate memorable experiences by providing an expanding network of destinations and affordable travel options. We will always commit to maintain the highest norms of safety, security and reliability. As you may know, our budget carrier model revolves around three customer focused core strategy: Market stimulation – creating possibilities for new travellers and empowering budget conscious customers to fly more. Cost controls – keeping fares low

Capacity utilisation – maximising and planning air traffic With approximately 1.35 billion citizens the Chinese market is alluring for any businesses, mostly for low cost carriers. However, the diversity of mind and purchasing power can be a great challenge for our expansion. To meet the needs, wants and expectations of each category of customers, we undertook a market research with the help of two Chinese student through a laddering interview. The answers gave us a glimpse of the desires of this population. Further, more thorough, market research must be made before any decisions are taken. We, also, allowed ourselves to provide in this report, a non-exhaustive list of suggestions, after having developed some understanding of the customer’s key insights. Although our role is to research, we thought it would offer us further hints before a final verdict is made.

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