The Xerox Company Essay

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The Xerox Company

They help many businesses to be able to function and communicate. Xerox is a family business. The CEO’s brother and husband both work for the company. However the fact that Xerox is a family business has in no way affected the CEO’s ability to make business or personal decisions. The company’s best interest is always her top priority. The ability to keep her personal and business life separate is a unique characteristic that all successful management staff posses. After watching the Xerox video and thinking about the characteristics for managerial decisions, made me have no envy for the CEO’s position. The typical characteristics of managerial decisions are lack of structure, uncertainty of risk, as well as conflict. In fact, the way the CEO obtained her position was full of uncertainty and I am sure there was conflict as well.

The way the former CEO was forced out of office seemed to show a lack of structure with no contingency plan. There was a past scare of bankruptcy that may have future investors and employees questioning the structure of the company. The new CEO has made several positive moves for the company but is still forced to eliminate jobs to reduce costs. The CEO of Xerox is much like many other CEO’s of other large corporations, humble, down to earth and they value their company as well as their employees. They understand that each one of their decisions will affect the rest of the company and those who keep it running. Unfortunately as the CEO she was faced with having no other positive alterative to correcting the deficit other than eliminating positions. The CEO understood that to ensure the future of Xerox was protected that she must make changes immediately.

She measured the risks and the consequences and felt that it was in the best interest of the company to merge. In the end Xerox was faced with a grim future and tough choices. The CEO showed her skills in the decision making process while remaining equal and ethical to all interested parties. We all learned that in a management roll, especially the role of a CEO is faced with nasty ugly decisions. Every choice that person makes can make or break another person’s life. Choices are not always easy nor do they always come with an immediate positive solution. This CEO was Xerox’s last chance to remain a successful company in the future. The company took a huge risk for a sinking company and it paid off!. Risk assessment at it’s finest.

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