The Half Man Alive Essay

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The Half Man Alive

At the midst of great need for help came a man to save his dying country. Indeed, he was a brave man, willing to risk his own life just to fight the controlling authority ruling his beloved nation. That great man was none other than Gat Villaruel, the Superman of Islas Filipinas. For having great power, comes great responsibility, not literally power as of magic but power of intelligence and courage. And because Villaruel carried that ‘Will of Fire’ within him, he believed it was his duty to protect his motherland and its people. It’s even quite funny to think that Villaruel was not the typical savior who had a big body figure. Because the truth was, it’s the other way around, not even reaching five foot. But despite that, he was like a giant hidden in a small body. Like a giant who has a big appetite for learnings, knowledge and discoveries, also for such respect and freedom, if that really existed.

However, things ain’t easy for a single person versus thousand of foes. Because of that, Villaruel was later captured and exiled due to his writings against bad higher authorities. It was a very secluded place and was known for its horrible history. Moreover, there are speculations about it saying it to be the graveyard of dead soldiers hundred years ago. But that was just a hearsay and never written on any book. July 17, 1892, that was the day Villaruel arrived at his final destination, the not very well known Bangalore.

He stayed at the house of Chen So, who was told to oversee his daily activities. Days and weeks passed, Villaruel was getting used to his situation, and he even befriended Chen because of his friendly nature. But what are bothering him were the people living in that small remote area. Every time he went out, same faces with blank cold stare gave him goose bumps. Once, he tried talking to someone yet he got no response, not a single word at all. From that day onward, he promised to himself to do whatever it takes to be able to uncover the mystery of that place, the ghost of the past that keeps on coming back. It seems like he had another mission to accomplish.

Villaruel, with the help of Chen, successfully broke the seals of secret about the mysterious Bangalore. He made use of the ethnologist in him. It took him minutes to recover from what he had just discovered, that Bangalore, and all the stories connected to it were all real. Yes, it’s where dead bodies of soldiers were buried whose hearts and brains were experimented.

All the ones living there had their hearts and brains changed that made them a zombie and puppets of Bangzom –officials of Bangalore- for higher inputs of labor in the industrial agriculture of Bangalore. From all the data he gathered and the testimony of his friend, Chen, who claimed to be one of those zombies, truth was finally revealed. But unlike other, he could control himself because he was trained by the higher authorities and was assigned to take charge of that place, making sure that whoever entered that place won’t get out breathing.

Blue – ruffa

Contemplating from yesterday’s revelation, Villaruel finally came up to an idea. He wanted to save that place and the people of Bangalore. Seeing how Bangzom used them, it pained him a lot. From that day onwards, he made use of his medical skills and practiced his profession by curing them. Also, he established an institution for educating them and served as their teacher. And slowly, as years passed, zombies were getting better, able to communicate and somehow feel different emotions like a human does. They were now zompes – treated zombies who were able to adopt human behavior. Nothing is really impossible with great perseverance, this time Villaruel felt like a real hero.

A vessel with the Bangzom militars aboard was coming to Bangalore to get the products to be disseminated all throughout the Philippines and the world. In the contrary, the zompes planned ahead to revolt, without letting Villaruel know since they aren’t sure if they would have his approval, through attacking the vessel. So when the vessel arrived, they took their chance of escaping. The zompes did attack the vessel and the Bangzom militars using poisonous arrows. As for emergency, the vessel had cannons and swords that were made use of the Bangzom militars. Chen, as the civil executive, was informed by his staffs regarding the incident happening in the shore.

Villaruel came along with Chen since he felt some kind of connection with the zompes. The zompes mislooked Chen for he wore the same uniform with the Bangzom militars. Consequently, the zompes aimed for Chen but Villaruel saw it coming and took the arrow for himself to save Chen. Villaruel was struck right in his heart and the zompes were astounded, so was Chen. The civil executive then commanded his troops to stop and the chaos in the shore was put to an end.

Green – clea

So presented Villaruel to the higher authorities but was told to go back to Bangalore and to make him a zombie in addition to their labor force. Chen operated him. He spared Villaruel’s brain thinking that Villaruel would be an instrument for the change, and that he some kind of owe him his life. Villaruel was now cured but is now a zompe since his heart was changed through the operation. All along, the higher authorities and Bangzom thought that Villaruel is now a zombie. Faith Adams was then sent by the higher authorities to overlook and nurse Villaruel. Time passed by, Villaruel felt something that was a bit new to him.

A slight beat of his heart then suddenly formed in his mind, it were like memories of him and the girl in front of him, how that happened, he didn’t know. A zombie wasn’t supposed to remember or feel anything. Knowing that he was a zombie, he was also not supposed to feel anything but he knew he did. Villaruel regained his human like with the help of Faith. Not medicine, not knowledge, but love; it was love that make him feel a bit again, not fully but a good start for him. Only later then he found out that the man’s heart that has been used in his operation was Faith’s boyfriend who loved her so much. Maybe that explained why Villaruel felt something for her, the love of her boyfriend collided with his present memories, making him see and feel that thing he called LOVE.

Violet- orpina

As months passed by, the relationship gat and faith had blossomed. Since there was no priest to marry them, they married themselves before the eyes of God. They lived happily despite of huge difference between them, a human and a zompe together. On the other hand, another revolution was being planned by the zompes, it was pursued by them despite of disapproval of gat. So when the higher found about this, they never hesitate to go in Bangalore and take the chance of capturing gat that was said to be the head of revolt.

His case had been sent to the court and had undergone series of trials but the council had decided death as his punishment for rebellion, sedition and illegal association. He was sent to New Land on the 30th of December 1896 for his death penalty by 7 o’clock in the morning. Villaruel was accompanied by the artillery of soldiers and was tasked to walk to the middle of the square where he was then shot and was then brought to an unknown place where he was buried. Since the authorities thought that Villaruel’s operation was a failure.

Villaruel had been influential to the zompes who were overwhelmed by anger and sadness of his death that made them continue to revolt against the authorities. Their fighting for freedom had inspired and awakened many. In addition, Chen this time had also found and promulgated Villaruel’s entries about Bangalore which included the details about the Jambi – zombie “disease”. He publicized these because he thinks that this will be useful for some and that he could help Villaruel in this way.

Four years later, his sister found the place where Villaruel was buried. She was shocked right after seeing Villaruel’s body that looked like nothing happened. It wasn’t even decaying. With the information that spread, his sister didn’t lose hope and brought his “zompe” brother. After a month, Villaruel gained consciousness.

As gat opened his eyes, he saw an image forming in front of him. He described him as a man with broad body, fair complexion, having big biceps and a scary expression written over his face. If he can clearly remember, it was his professor in socsci who will surely hunt him down for wandering again as his class is going on.

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