Template for Review of Journal Article Essay

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Template for Review of Journal Article

Give an overview of the article.
What are the key points in this article?
What did I find striking or interesting about these key points? How relevant are the key points to my role as a teacher?
What do I agree or disagree with in this article?

How has this article influenced me in thinking deeply about my values, beliefs and assumptions? How specifically will I be able to use the information and knowledge to improve or enhance my teaching and learning in terms of approaches, strategies, methods or techniques? Conclusion

What new insights/discoveries have I made in relation to article review? How will I make use of this new knowledge in future?
What further information or knowledge should I seek to expand my knowledge in relation to the contents of this article?

N.B. Minimum of 2 pages (A4) or 800 words, Font size 12, 1″ margin all round.

Please review FIVE articles as proposed and submit to Mr. Chee by Week-10, as your GROUP assignment.


Please review ONE article as proposed and submit to Mr. Chee by Week-10, as your INDIVIDUAL assignment.

Rubrics for Assessing Journal Article Review

Description of Quality of Work

Excellent (A)
80 and above

Very clear focus and clarity of thoughts and expression. Key points are well developed and described in detail. Excellent analysis of article content that is discerning, in-depth and supported by both pedagogical and personal knowledge. Ability to relate content to one’s role and competencies as a teacher is demonstrated in an outstanding manner. There is a high quality of reflection as can be seen in the ability to relate to one’s values, beliefs and experiences to the content of the article. The reviewer is able to suggest how the information and knowledge could be adopted or adapted innovatively to enhance or improve teaching and learning. Personal insights and views that are expressed show that the reviewer has thought critically and reflectively about the article and the effects on his/her role as a researcher.

The review is clear, well organized with logical sequencing and elaboration of key points. All key points are adequately detailed and there is in-depth analysis of some of the points. Good effort has also been made to relate the content of the article to one’s role and competencies as a teacher and interesting ideas were proposed for improving or enhancing management. Insights and discoveries made show a good understanding of the article content and that that the reviewer has made good effort to reflect on his/her values, beliefs and experiences.

There is adequate analysis of the article content but with some points detailed more than others. Relationship is drawn between some key points and one’s role and competencies as a researcher. The reviewer was able to suggest how the information and knowledge could be applied in teaching and learning to improve or enhance current practices. Overall, the review is satisfactory in that it shows an overall understanding of the content and the ability to reflect on the content to obtain adequate benefits as a researcher.

Unsatisfactory (F)
Below 60
The review is lacking in focus and clarity of expression. Key points not elaborated upon and details are minimal. Little analysis of content. Minimal reflection and insights given.

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