SWOT Analysis on Electronic Arts Sports Essay

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SWOT Analysis on Electronic Arts Sports

Background of the Company

Electronic Arts (EA) are an international organization that deals with the development, marketing, publishing and distribution of video games all over the world. US census bureau identified electronic arts as software publishers industry. EA is well-established and independent producers of video games and according to the study by Thompson (2007), EA made global market up to $35 billion. In 2005, it was observed that the US made sales up to $7 billion along with the video games made by EA, and this amount was predicted to grow more in order, to set a record. The prediction was made on the analysis that retailers would be purchasing an Xbox 360, Sony’s new play station and Nintendo Wii in bulk. But, unfortunately, the originality of new consoles tapered off and a decline in sale was observed by 2010. There are various factors that contribute to progress the popularity and demands of video games among masses.

Likewise, these video games were made, themed and styled to satisfy needs of all age groups specifically youth. Secondly, graphics play an important part in expanding the fame and demand of video games. EA showed a tremendous growth in the global market by meeting the needs of customers and by marketed the items properly, exactly according to the increasing budgets, sale promotions and advertisement levels.

The growth of the company is evidenced that from the increased employee requirement and industry size. No matter, up to what extend the company has grown, in the competitive market there are always some opportunities, and threats that based on the company’s strengths and weaknesses (Allen, Blakeman, & DeMaiolo, 2011). This paper serves to provide the SWOT analysis of EA sports video games in order to evaluate that where EA sports stands in the global

Manfred, T. (2013, September 26). EA Sports Cancels Its College Football Video Game Amid A Wave Of Lawsuits. Retrieved November 17, 2013, from businessinsider.com: http://www.businessinsider.com/ea-sports-cancels-ncaa-football-videogame-2013

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