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Student Council

I want to be a member of 2015- 2016 student council because I would love to be apart of the council and try to make a difference in school. Also, because I did not make it the previous year, I am more motivated to redeem myself almost and show the student body of all the ideas that could help the school and the community. Finally, I want to be apart of student council because this would be great to add on to my college resume.

To be truthful, I have not joined or participated in many clubs to really prove myself to be a worthy student council representative and I am not going to be dishonest about it. But, that also shows that I will focus mostly on student council outside of school next year and show everyone how great of a representative I can really be and that I will put in 150% in every fundraiser and school activity that I will be apart of.

Some of the ideas I have for student council is that we could give around positive, thoughtful quotes and pass them around to students once in a while to brighten up their days or put a couple in the bathrooms or something next to the mirrors. Another idea I have is that we could have like assembly games/races where students/ teachers volunteer or there could be something you have to do, like donate a dollar too see like which teacher is faster, or is better at a particular game. Students would want too go to it because it’s cheap, entertaining, and they would miss class. These are some of the ideas I have for student council.

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