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Social Media

Writing Assignment: Social Media Essay. 3-4page paper: This paper is in three parts: 1) Discuss the social media in general, what it is, who uses it, how does it affect business; Social networking sites are based on the internet using by the computer, smartphone, or tablet that you able to access through Wi-Fi from anywhere. Companies use for improve teamwork or close to customers.

Friends and families able to share pictures or greeting messages even they far apart. Everyone able to receive and share their personal interest and updated news.

The social media is based on the internet with virtual communities that allowed people to share information, picture, or video. Definitely, social media does have more positive affect for individuals and companies. Today, however, there are always two sides of a coin. The individual account with social media is highly risk for security with person information.

Facebook, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, and podcasts are some of the social media that companies use to inform and persuade the public, to generate goodwill, and to build a positive brand awareness.

2) How do you use social media?
Like and what I don’t like to use

The great thing on the social media is a real-time update news. Another my favorite from the social media is sharing pictures within specific groups or public.

However, most social media sites are connected world-wide. So it is never stop updating the message. Without self-control, it could disrupting personal daily task and routine. Also, social media sites using mostly slangs with comments such as lol, sth, asap, or more. Moreover, people use bullying or bitter word to hurt someone with anonymously comments. And, it has possible to reveal personal private life to unknown person who could use for voice phishing. For example, my friend’s sister had phishing scam last year when she travel with friends. She posted some pictures on social network site that she was not in home. By somehow, the swindler found out and called their parents to asked ransom.

3) What are the different interesting and out of the way conversations going on in social media– that the general public may not know so much about–

Also, discuss various mediums and methods to get one’s message across. For example, YouTube – advertising longer than public advertisement on television.

What are the advantages and challenges?

Also, how would you proceed with your virtual company using social media? Through social media for our iContol, I like to have announce experiential marketing for free to use about three to six months our product and first 100 people. Furthermore, our company can keep in touch with those 100 people’s feedbacks about product and service.

In the conclusion, discuss which medium is preferred and why, how would you maximize its effects?

Due Week 8 (submit under Week 8 Assignments)

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