Site-to-Site Connectivity Scenario Essay

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Site-to-Site Connectivity Scenario

I am troubleshooting replication between the Main Office and Branch Office 1. It seems that changes to user object attributes take a very long time to propagate or do not propagate at all. I am not sure when replication is supposed to occur and have no idea where to begin testing? Do you have any recommendations, any suggested steps to help me narrow down the problem? Thank you!

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I’m sorry about the trouble you are having. Active Directory replication by default is ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’, meaning that replicas pull changes from the server where the change was effected. Because this is an Inter-site set up the replication traffic is going to be higher. You can use Performance Monitor, Event Log, or Network Monitor to check how much traffic you are having. The time required to replicate directory data between domain controllers is known as the replication latency. Replication latency can vary depending on the number of domain controllers, the number of sites, the available bandwidth between sites, replication frequency, and more. Active Directory automatically builds the most efficient intersite replication topology using information you provide through Active Directory Sites and Services about your site connections.

The directory stores this information as site link objects. One domain controller per site is assigned to build the topology; this is called the intersite topology generator. The intersite replication topology is updated regularly to respond to any changes that occur in the network. You can control intersite replication through the information you provide when you create your site links. By monitoring replication regularly you will be able to determine the normal replication latency on your network. With that information, you can easily determine if a problem is occurring.

You can also manually force the replication by running repadmin /syncall /AdeP or use AD sites and services console. You can adjust the frequency to match with your specific needs. Be aware that increasing this frequency increases the amount of bandwidth used by replication. I would also recommend that you run dcdiag /q and repadmin /replsum to check the health of DC and replication status in case if errors are reported post the logs. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. IT Admin

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