Restaurant Observation Essay Essay

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Restaurant Observation Essay

When given the task of finding a restaurant that has an open kitchen a restaurant that comes to my mind was the Harut’s restaurant. I want to write about the exterior of the restaurant, dining area, and kitchen stuff and area. The exterior of the restaurant was not good .The restaurant located behind a gas station. The smell of the gas was terrible. The parking lot littered with trash and most of it seemed to be wrappers from the Subway in the next door. In addition, there was a burrito wrapper from Harut’s and drink napkins from the bar. The parking lot was well lit with no bulbs out of commission. The landscaping left much to be desired. At first glance, this particular Harut’s has no curbside appeal. The parking lot leads right onto the sidewalk. The signage was appropriate in the fact that is has the name of the restaurant on it, but not appropriate in the fact that it’s too high and the first time I went there I didn’t even know where I was going.

The signage was also very hazy. Dining area was also bad. Upon entrance of the restaurant, I noticed that the garbage was overflowing. The floor of the established was dirty. The area where their “condiments” are stores was disgustingly un-kept. It was a four-tray temperature storage unit. It contained vegetables, green and red salsa and some more. Contents from each tray were cross contaminating the other trays because in order to get the desired condiment you have to reach under an awkward sneeze guard. Kitchen staff and area. I walked to the register to make my order and where the men using the cash register with his bare hands took my card and swiped it through the machine.

Immediately after that, he went to the refrigerator and with his shiny hands began to stretch and pull out something. Many things here made me quite nauseous. The fact that he had something disgusting all over; his hands touched my personal belongings with those hands then began to rub them all over my food. Behind the glass wall that I was, watching from me noticed some of the most horrifying food handling practice that I will most likely ever see again. Refrigerator and freezer doors left continually open. I saw no sanitation cleaning tools so I am not sure how they were cleaning their hands or their utensils. During the course of my meal, none of the employees went to wash their hands.

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