Reflection Paper: On The Job Essay

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Reflection Paper: On The Job

The movie presented an instance of the reality of contract killings, abuse of power, corruption and poverty. I know about these issues, but only after watching the movie did I realize that what I know were limited. And with the things that I’ve seen and learned, I can’t help but feel troubled and miserable. Having seen the movie, here’s a quote which made me reflect about the reality… “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” People are willing to do anything for the LOVE OF MONEY. When people have money, they tend to gain fame and power, which are exactly the reasons why corruption exists and impossible to eradicate. Just like the government officials, Gen. Pacheco for instance, it is easy for him to manipulate and control those under him in exchange of bribes. Like Tatang and Daniel, they receive money in exchange of killing people who are threats to their boss. Certain individuals don’t seem to mind whether their means are unjust or illegal.

This should not be the case because otherwise people will justify their bad actions based on the good they have done. And as long as this deceit continues, resolving the issues of the system is a hopeless case. What affected me the most was about how their respect for life was gone. It seemed so easy for them to hire or kill people who are stumbling blocks to their plans. What made it worse was that the state itself uses its power to hire criminals and make them part of a great anomaly. No problem if they get caught because they will still go back to where they came from. But how about the people who find ways to correct the anomalies and go against the corrupt, they are mercilessly killed before they spill the beans, like Atty. Coronel and Acosta.

I just suddenly thought, am I not enjoying the benefit of safety under Mayor Duterte, having the DDS, which is sort of connected to contract killings? Having the topic on Davao Death Squad reaching the United Nations proves that it is a pressing issue against human rights. I cannot make up my mind yet regarding my sudden realization. I mean who doesn’t want to live in a safe city right? All I know is that I am pro-life and that killing is bad. I guess the system without corruption and underground transactions cannot be served yet anytime soon.

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