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Queensland University of Technology

Consultation Times: Consultation times will be posted on the Blackboard site by the end of Week 1. As this is a 12 credit point unit, students are expected to spend 12 hours per week studying. As there are 3 hours of contact, you are expected to spend on average an extra 9 hours in your own time, studying and completing all assessment items. Mode of Offering

This unit is not offered in the form of external study. While resources such as lecture recordings and tutorial solutions may be made available, it is expected that students will attend class and participate, such that electronic resources are used in addition to attendance at scheduled classes. Blackboard

You are deemed to have full knowledge of all information posted on the unit Blackboard site http://blackboard.qut.edu.au. It is vital that you check the Blackboard site and your QUT student email account on a regular basis for all important administrative announcements regarding this unit. All material on the unit Blackboard site will be removed on the day of the final exam for this unit.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have copies of all materials before this date. Development of Graduate Capabilities/Assurance of Learning Goals The QUT Business School has established the Assurance of Learning Goals (AOLs) to meet contemporary industry needs and standards. Achieving these learning outcomes will assist you to meet the desired graduate outcomes set at QUT and are aligned with other internationally accredited business schools. These AOLs are described on page 8 and the specific contribution of this unit to the overall development of the learning goals in the School of Accountancy units is shown on page 9.

In response to student feedback, the content of the subject was reviewed for Semester 2, 2011 and the assessment requirements have been modified. In order to ensure that the assessment tasks more appropriately support your learning, the mid-semester exam has been removed and replaced with weekly tutorial work. The tutorial work is to be undertaken prior to the tutorial and comprise exam-related questions. The tutorial work comprises two types of questions, practical and critical thinking. The tutorial work will be collected each week and marked at random 5 times during the semester and are worth 5% each. The best 4 of 5 collections will count towards the overall 20% available for tutorial work.

The tutorial work will be corrected in class by the student and then handed in. The work will be marked for ‘accuracy’. The weekly tutorial work is designed to develop a more independent, active and deeper learning process. The overall objective is to ensure that you have the opportunity to participate in the weekly tutorial class to the best of your ability and to receive a constant level of feedback and guidance. By adopting the role of “self-marker” in you will receive a clear understanding of not only the relevant solutions but also the level of understanding required for the final exam. Critical Thinking workshops have been introduced for the first time this semester to assist students in understanding the concept of Critical Thinking and provide assistance to students in learning how to answer (and structure their answer) to Critical Thinking based questions.

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