Poor nutrition and its effects on learning Essay

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Poor nutrition and its effects on learning

Picture yourself very hungry but struck in work, you will be distressed and very hard to concentrate on the job in front of you. If it is the case with us adults, just imagine how it would feel like if you were a five year old girl, sad and hungry just because your parents are not rich enough to feed you daily. This is the situation in most of the under developed and developing countries. This is a reality, and a nightmare in the youth of many children and thereby impacts the learning ability of these poor and destitute future citizens. There is a correlation between nutrition and behavior of brain functioning, that has always been under-researched. Schools have the resources and ability to maintain a pivotal role in making and maintaining our children’s’ learning capabilities and helping them benefit socially by creating resources of healthy food as breakfasts and lunches in the school’s working days.

The idea of good nutrition is not limited to birth, Minimum nutritional requirement becomes a necessity right from the moment she is in the mother’s womb. It is regrettable and very sad to say that not every mother who will be conceiving is capable of giving her baby a better start. A teenager who doesn’t apprehend the importance of minimum nutrition, a grownup who has to miss her lunch to spare a few dollars, a pregnant woman who doesn’t feel like eating and doesn’t consume enough vitamins, fats, minerals and nutrients are prone to higher uncertainty of conceiving low weight babies. It is the government’s responsibility to give subsidies on daily cereals, vegetables and conduct camps where people under -the poverty line can have their nutritional requirements met.

By providing the nation’s under-paid families and their youth with nutritious food and by making use of the vast farming lands owned by the government to cultivate the essential commodities so that they in turn help prevent malnutrition children by providing nutritious meals, at least once a day. Finally, it can be said that the most prominent of problems that poor face is Malnutrition, and it has been eating up the younger generation and thereby weakening the country. If the government is careful to see that the minimum nutrients are provided as a part of education, the problem can be reduced to a significantly lower stage.

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