Organizational Performance Management Essay

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Organizational Performance Management

Organizations across the board monitor performance in order to be profitable, and make their stakeholders happy, including healthcare organizations. The following paper will address similarities along with differences among three specific healthcare organizations; long-term care, VA hospitals, and community/public health systems. We will also discuss how each organization monitors performances, and how each organization achieves regulatory and accreditation compliance. Communication with leadership in order to align organizational goals, and compliance with regulations and development of risk and quality management systems will also be addressed.

Long-term care, VA hospitals, and community/public health systems may be different in the patients that they treat, but overall they are fairly similar. The top priority of all three organizations is to care for their patients and stakeholders, and staff performance has to be top priority for the management team of any one of those three organizations. Long-term care usually requires more staff to care for the patients who are 65 or older, and in declining health therefore requiring a bigger management team usually consisting of a Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Medication Aides, and Certified Nurse Assistants just for direct care to a patient. There is also the dietary department that makes meals for the patients, and if therapy is needed there are more people involved as well such as representatives for Medicare or Medicaid insurance since most elderly people are covered under one or both.

Imagine having all of these people working for one patient, this is what happens in long-term care. Many people working as a unit to help individual patients. Most long-term care facilities are privately owned, and employ anywhere from a few people up to hundreds of people. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA System), operates the largest health care system in the United States, and employs nearly 15,000 doctors and 61,000 nurses as of 2012. With such a large amount of employees it can be extremely difficult for the VA to have proper organizational management, and this in turn leads to poor performance, and is the reason for many of the problems that the VA System faces today.

Community/public health systems have one main goal, and that is to ensure the overall healthy of the community. This can include diagnosing and investigating health problems or hazards, informing the community of those hazards or problems, enforce laws and regulations, and help those with low/no income find health care that the individual can afford. So rather than being an actual organization that is caring for individuals like long-term care facilities, or the VA system, the community/public health systems tries to take more of a preventative approach to health care. Long-term care, VA Hospitals as well as Community Public Health systems will monitor performance by following different steps the organizations come up with. First and Foremost everyone would come to the initial meeting to where they will discuss the performance process and come up with a plan together as a team. It will also allow for the employees to be monitored, which will be able to be reviewed.

They will be monitored on the work that each employee is putting out and how they are contributing to the team and the organization. During the meeting we will come up with a plan: the plan will allow us to go over the job descriptions to determine what needs to be done as an individual as well as a team. The second objective would be to monitor the work of the employees and employers to make sure that they are doing the necessary steps that need to be done. We will also identify and barriers in which are keeping the employees from accomplishing the performance objectives and help them to achieve or overcome them. After monitoring the employers and employees we will then go into review which allows us to sit down and discuss the overall work in which they put out. Self-assessment will be given to the employees and employers to which they can grade themselves and assess how they have been doing in the organization throughout the year and how they can better themselves in the future while working at the organization.

However, the organizations achieve regulatory and accreditation compliance of each organization will help each organization by making sure that they are in compliance with up to date information and laws to better serve the patients and staff. For instance it will offer different services like Awareness, Education and Organization, which helps to create the awareness, obtain executive management commitments. It will also offer Assessment and Risk Analysis, Training, documentation and ongoing monitoring. By making sure each employee receive the necessary classes and training they will be successful in achieving the organizational performance in which is set by the organizational team.

By improving the overall organizational performance different things can be done from appraising and rewarding the necessary employees that do go over and beyond for the organization. Also, by making sure everyone is doing the necessary jobs in which need to be done by following the plan in which is set regarding the organizations. Leadership is critical to any organization such as Long-term Care, VA Hospitals, and Community/Public Health Systems. Without the importance of leadership, there would not be success in any organizations. According to The Joint Commission, the quality and safety of care provided by the organizations depends on many factors such as: A culture that fosters safety and quality

The planning and provision of services that meet the needs of patients The availability of resources such as: human, financial, physical, and information for providing care A sufficient number of competent staff and other care providers Ongoing evaluation and improvement of performances

Accreditation is an assessment process for the organizations that defines standards of acceptable operations and performances. The standards that deal with the outcome and performance issues are considered to be the most important standards to promote the healthcare quality improvements. The “” website states that long-term health care effects nearly 70% of people over the age of 65. With such a large portion of the population using this type of health care it is important that the risk and quality management systems that are put in place are in fact bettering the care these patients are received.

Risk and quality management systems help to ensure that patients are taken care of and protected. Some ways that states are ensuring this protection is by screening and evaluations, risk assessments, communication, education and staff training (Selid & Galantowicz, 2005). The unfortunate reality is that long-term care facilities do not always follow the risk and quality management systems that are put in place. What is more unfortunate is that the population that is served by this type of health care often does not have the ability to do something about it.

Public Health System

Public health systems effects every American every day, according to the CDC public health systems are responsible for, “Preventing epidemics and the spread of disease, protecting against environmental hazards, preventing injuries, promotes and encourages healthy behaviors, responds to disasters and assists communities in recovery and assures the quality and accessibility of health services (“Center For Disease Control And Prevention”, 2014).” The Federal Government is responsible for providing goals, standards and policies for state and local public health systems (“Center For Disease Control And Prevention”, 2014).

One of the biggest jobs that the public health systems have are vaccinations, and infectious disease surveillance (“Center For Disease Control And Prevention”, 2014). 92% of local health departments carry out these jobs on a daily basis (“Center For Disease Control And Prevention”, 2014). Compliance with the federal government’s policies means that local health systems gain funding that then helps to continue serving the public. Center for disease control and prevention. (2014). Retrieved from


When organizations such as long-term care, the VA or public health systems look to improve their organization and make a better profit, they will look at past performance to see what should stay the same as well as what needs to be changed. Risk and quality management are also used to make the organization the best it can be. Although all three health care organizations main purpose is the health and wellbeing of patients they have many similarities as well as differences. The three organizations discussed are all ran by regulations and goals that help to shape the organization.

Link people to needed personal health services and assure the provision of health care when otherwise unavailable. Community health systems helps by providing families in the community of low income

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