Organization Impact Essay

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Organization Impact

In this paper I will discuss my results of the Myers Briggs test and the CREAX creativity self assessment exercise, both were taken online and both were about 50 questions long. They pertained to subjects such as extravert, intuitive, feeling, judging, persistence, abstraction, connection, complexity, paradox, boldness, curiosity and perspective. On the Myers Brigg test my extravert was 11%, my intuitive was 12%, my feeling was 50% and my judging was 11%. I have slight preference of extraversion over introversion, which does not surprise me at all as I have always been outgoing in most situations, the only time I seem to be a little more introvert is when I am around a new crowd and chose to sit back and watch how people behave before I come out of my shell. My intuition is also slightly preferred over my sensing, which also does not surprise me as in life my gut instincts have rarely guided me in the wrong direction, I also prefer feeling over thinking which at times has not been the best thing for me in the past when it comes to making an important decision.

Last but not least is the slight preference I have of judging over perceiving, I think in everyone this can be human nature however for the most part I do my best to have all the facts before coming to a conclusion about a person, thing or an idea. With the creativity test it looks at though I am at 54.94 and the typical is 63.6, I did not really have a clear understanding on where I ranked with the abstraction, persistence, connection, complexity, paradox, boldness, curiosity and perspective. The test did give the definition of what I was being graded on, for example for the abstraction this is in regards to the ability to abstract concepts from ideas, the connection is the ability to make connections between things that don’t initially have a connection. The perspective is the ability to shift ones perspective on a situation, the curiosity is the desire to change or improve things that everyone else sees as normal, the boldness area is the confidence to push the boundaries beyond accepted conventions and the paradox section is the ability to work simultaneously on different projects.

Last but not least were the complexity which is the ability to take in large amounts of information and be able to manage it and change it up and then there was persistence which was the ability to force oneself to keep trying to derive more and better solutions. Typically on test like these there are few things that can happen with my outcome, if it is boring and the questions seem to be repeated but in a different manner then I become bored and I want to hurry up and answer the questions and be done with it, because I am not really sure how to read the outcome of my score I can’t give an accurate answer based on this test. What I can tell you is yes am a very persistent person when it comes to certain situations, especially if I am intrigued with an idea or it is a job that must be completed, my curiosity is also a positive when it comes to trying to find ways to improve things or make them better.

I do have boldness however I also need to come out of my comfort zone with things that I know nothing about when it comes to innovation, especially when it really does not peak my interest, paradox is also a plus for me as I am very good at doing thing simultaneously and I do work well under pressure. I am not sure how using this test will help me but as long as I feel like I can go to someone above me and will not feel dumb for asking a question that may come easy to them, then I can grow as a person. We don’t all process information the same, I try to learn from my mistakes and grow from there in doing so I can take what I have learned onto another project.

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