Oration Piece Essay

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Oration Piece

When I am neither man nor child…my voice falls from high C to B flat minor and every pimple tries to find its resting place on my face. I am sensitive to criticism, fear often change my mood. My nights are spent thinking so many things, school works, unrequited love and how to pursue the pleasures of youth without reprimanded. Every time I imply “I WANT TO BE FREE TO DO WHAT I WISH” thing, a long sermon is being delivered to a statement that rings to my ears “FREE IS BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR ONESELF “. All teens go to school and have normal teenager lives experiencing what I have also experienced which I have mentioned lately. Being a scout does not spoil the education and life of teenagers, instead it guides them to become a good citizen. Scouting emphasizes the value of learning and tries to instill in youth the thirst for knowledge.

The goals are the same – to help us learn and grow so that we will become productive, engaged members of the community and provide opportunities to reach our full potential. Scouting Is a Partner in Education. Some say that men who were Scouts five or more years are more likely to graduate from high school and graduate from college. They are also more likely to assume leadership roles at school, think of others, make honest decisions, and appreciate the education they are getting and the environment in which they live. Scouting teaches citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, honesty, perseverance, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility. In addition, Scouting activities help boost a child’s self-esteem and self-image, and give them a generally more positive attitude about themselves and others.

All of these traits make us more receptive to learning and enhance our academic performance. Scouting also prepares youth to work and care for the larger community through providing community service. Through these activities we learn that we are a contributing part of society and build a sense of pride in their community and themselves. We also learn that the community sees us as a valuable resource and that the community values us. Thus, scouting not only influences our academic performance but also our lives as citizen, as a part of the community. Being a scout makes us free and at the same time responsible after all.

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