On-The-Job Training at Max’s Restaurant Essay

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On-The-Job Training at Max’s Restaurant

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology is one of the courses offered in the Palompon Institute of Technology requiring a one year exposure of the student in their field of specialization in the industry.

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology can complete the academic requirements if a student will undergo a practicum or OJT. The practicum will be provided whether in public or private thus; it provides the student an opportunity in the actual field of work I the preparation for their future work. The cooperating industry will provide the necessary skills and knowledge learned in school.

Through observation in the actual work, the student will become more competitive and efficient when they get a job in the future. The practicum also provides the student some important insights on management developed in modern science and technology used in advance countries.


As a student trainee, I need to do my best inspite of my shyness, so that I can be strong to face the challenges ahead of my work and maintain a good working relationship with them. They oriented me about the rules and regulation, safety guidelines, standard operating procedures. And they also taught us some tips on how to manage the restaurant properly.

At first, I felt nervous in working with them. They introduce me to my co-workers. At first I was so shy, but after a few days I was able to inject jokes with them. I’m so thankful to my co-workers because they helped me in my works. In fact they told that they are just like me when they were starting their job. They gave me advice and comforted me when I’m sad.

I was assigned at the kitchen department when the kitchen supervisor told me that I was to be in the pantry which will prepare foods and as well as portioning, tagging dates. I observed what they did everyday until I learned how to manage my own self. I really enjoyed working with the everyday. I am used to be friendly and nice to them. At first as a pantry, I was so slow in preparing food ordered and the kitchen supervisor advices me that I need to be fast in preparing orders. But still I did my job well in preparing food so that it will appear presentable and clean to the customers.

My second assignment was in the Bar Station; organizing and making some dessert, drinks and others. I really enjoyed when we have other functions such as parties and take outs. I enjoyed preparing foods for the customers and I experienced these every end of the month when we are having our inventories and quality assurance inventory and when MGP are to inspect the expired foods and services extended to the customers. And I observed also if employees are on the night time to serve the order of the customers. I did my job very well in this area. Overall, in my on the job training, I was so glad that I had my training at Max’s Restaurant because they were so good to me. They helped me in my work. There were so many things that I have learned from them that I can use in my future job.

Problems Encountered by the OJT

Having OJT is a big problem already for some students especially those who are taking it, because you don’t know where will you be going to have OJT. And you will be the one to apply for a job in the restaurant or hotels unlike other schools their instructors will be the one to guide them to their prospective places for deployment aside from the endorsement letter.

In my on job training it’s difficult for me to cope with the new environment especially they are kapampangans. Though there is a quotation ‘we can please anybody but we cannot please everybody.’ Since we are in the kitchen we feel the pressure in handling some co-workers. We have to be patient according to kuya Chiefs, a regular employee. They were taught something about dealing with customers and co-workers. They taught me how to build confidence that I have now in treating different people. Being patient and understanding to co-workers and customers to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

My stay in Max’s Restaurant for almost five months was really enjoyable. I am glad that I was able to gain my first working experience from a prestigious restaurant.

Conclusion/ Recommendation

As a college who will graduate soon, I must prepare myself to be a responsible person. One of my concern is to help students who are in the on the job training. And because my course is Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Foods, it’s easy for me to cope with everything because it is related to my course. Having a work experience in an established and popular restaurant like Max’s, I have a closer look on how things work in a busy dinning, from proper food preparation to portioning vegetables, tagging dates and organizing bar. I have learned many good experiences for my training.

I am sure many students liked me especially the BSIT-Foods will find that the training in a restaurant is worth rewarding. Based on my personal experience, I will recommend Max’s Restaurant as a good venue. Difficult from the start, but through hard work and patient are important virtues to improve ourselves.

I kept these in mind and apply in appropriately so that if ever I ventured in my own business I can apply everything I learned into use. Hopefully my business will prosper like Max’s.

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