Marketing Manager of Oreos Essay

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Marketing Manager of Oreos

In this written assignment, I will be accepting the role of a marketing manager that will select a product (good or service) that’s sold in the United States and has sales opportunities in a foreign market. The product I have chosen is Oreo’s, are the world’s favorite cookie. Throughout this assignment, I will apply my critical thinking skills and the knowledge I have attained throughout this course to the product that I have chosen. The first steps in marketing are putting the right product out at the right price and the right time. All of us have grown up with Oreo cookies, we all have our disputes as to the way to eat them dunking them in milk or twisting off one side then eating the middle first. Since the introduction in 1912, the Oreo cookies has become the bestselling cookie in the U.S. (Rosenbery). Since the Oreo has been around there has been 362 billion cookies sold which then makes it the “best-selling” cookie. The first Oreo to be sold was in Hoboken, NJ. At this time the packaging of the cookie was a “bulk tin and was sold by the weight”(Oreo).

The Oreos time and place utility can be found in more than 100 countries and in all super markets. The Ease of Possession utility adds value by reducing reasons not to buy or adding incentives to purchase (White). Oreos can be found in every store that sells food or any country so when you are feeling like an Oreo all you have to do is find a super market. Oreo’s target market is anyone over the age of 12, Kraft promised to stop advertising its most high in calories products to kids under the age of 12, this is first major food company to do so (Callahan). The 100-year-old sandwich cookie, a $2 billion brand, is going global in a big way. Emerging markets will account for about half of Oreo sales this year, and over the past five years emerging markets including Asia and Latin America have been the major drivers of the brand’s growth. Thanks to the overseas push, overall Oreo sales grew nearly 25 percent in 2011(Einhorn).

The number one foreign market for Oreo’s China is now the world’s largest Oreo market outside the United States, with 41.9% growth in measured consumption over the last year, according to ACNielsen (Wai-yin Kwok). In order for me to apply the STP approach in the American and foreign market is first I will have to determine which types of customers exist, select which ones we would be able to serve best, and then implement our segmentation by improving our cookies for that segment and show that we made the choice to stand out and remain rare. The primary segment is one for who the product is designed for, maximum revenue will come from the primary target market. These customers that share common characteristics and behaviors account for the highest capacity of sales and are most likely to buy now.

The positioning of Oreo cookie is tempting to kids and teenagers they are the highest consumers of cookies. The secondary market is future primary buyers, persons buying at a high rate in a small segment and people who influence primary buyers. However their characteristics and buying behaviors usually are different from those of the primary market. For example this would be the persons that live a fast passed life style like adults, and working parents, and grandparents. In order s to implement our target, we must begin positioning by choosing what image the company would like to portray to our consumers.

One way is for the company to maintain a strong competitive advantage. Consumers are more willing to pay premiums for products that are not harmful to the environment. I would develop, execute, and measure a campaign for this product considering the four p’s (product, price, promotion, and place) by choosing what Oreo is known for. The product should also be of high quality, since consumers will not pay a premium price for none premium product. With pricing I would have a reasonable price for the quality of product but also would guarantee freshness.

Major trend in the foreign markets that will hurt business sales is some couture’s don’t like high in fat foods. In order to get into a foreign market and stay we will have to research and find out what they are looking for in a cookie. According to Global Journal of Finance and Management the reach they found was that the Chinese lacked the emotional attachment with the cookie pertaining to a strange shape, high value and even a taste that wasn’t the best of what they liked. Kraft’s Chinese division used this information to formulate a modified the recipe, making a cookie prototype of a formula that tasted right (republication). Research will have to be done when going in any foreign markets when it comes to marketing in a new area you want to have success the first time rather than later having to figure out what went wrong.

Global business ethics has a number of open difficulties, Always keep in mind every culture and nation has its own values and traditions. Since there is no international code of conduct it is important for all companies to develop their own ethical values. I will have to develop standards that the Oreo company will at hear to at all times. As the marketing manager, I have studied the sales opportunities Oreos has in a foreign market. I applied my critical thinking skills and the knowledge I have learned throughout this course to the product that I have chosen. When companies are going into a foreign market it is imperative to really understand the markets before you lunch your products, also you need to connect with every market in order for your business to be successful.

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