Marine Pollution Essay

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Marine Pollution

Marine pollution has become a major global issue. It is now becoming a serious concern that the ocean will no longer be a safe place for marine life and humans. There is a growing concern that pollution causes serious problems nowadays particularly health problems. This essay will argue that marine pollution should be addressed immediately. Firstly, the causes and the effects will be discussed, and some solutions to hoe marine pollution can be reduced. To begin with, marine pollution is rising over a year . Many people are disposing chemical, sewage and garbage in the ocean which kills many marine organisms.

The main food chain affects a wide spectrum of species and it will be rise over the years. For example, oil spills choke plants and animals preventing respiration and it will be a major breakdown for sea birds and mammals. Marine pollution cannot be stopped but can be reduced when people use proper disposal of chemical and rubbish. The new jersy-size dead zone that forms each summer in the mississippi River Delta or the thousand-mile-wide swath of decomposing plastic in the northern pacific ocean to see that this ‘dilution’ policy has helped place a once flourising ocean ecosystem on the brink of collapse.

Another cause of marine pollution is sewage disposal in the ocean. For example, untreated or in part treated sewage matter, or in nature rich industrial waste matter such as that from fish dealing out plants. Decompose of organic matter causes a drop in dissolved oxygen, particularly in clams and weather and secluded bays. This can cause death of marine plants and animals, and possibly will lead to changes in biodiversity. Other problems associated with sewage include parasites and bacteria’s that force closure of public coastal beaches and poisoning of fisheries.

Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the government of the area to ensure that the sewage is properly disposed of and that it is treated. [source:http://www. pollution. in/effects-of-marine-pollution. html- Published June 3rd 2010] In addition, marine garbage disposal is another major form of ocean pollution. The world’s oceans are a virtual dumping ground for trash. For example, turtles often gulp down floating plastic bags, mistaking it for jelly-fish. Animals are often strangled when they become entangled with plastic debris. In one case, a deceased sperm whale was found to have a party balloon blocking its digestive system.

The whale died from inability to process its food and died of starvation. There are also numerous examples of dolphins, sharks and whales entangling themselves in dumped fishing nets and dying of oxygen starvation. Thus, controlling this form of pollution is important to maintain a healthy ocean ecosystem. Furthermore,there is evidence that the ocean have suffered at the hands of markind for millennia, as far back as Roman times. But recent studies show that degradation particulary of shoreline areas, has acceleration dramatically in the past three centures as industrial discharging and runoff from farms and coastal cities has increased.

For example, nitrogen-rich fertilizer applied by farmers inland, are ending up in estuaries bays and delta. These excuss nutrients can spawn massive blooms of algae that rob the water og oxygen, leaving areas where little or no marine life can exist. Moreover, non-point pollutants(agricultural)is also one of the major contributing factor towards marine pollution. For example, non-point pollution can come from amazingly varying sources, runoff from farms (fertilizers, manure), industrial runoff (heavy metals, phosphorous), urban runoff (oils, salts, various chemicals) and atmospheric fallout of airborne pollution.

Humans are directly responsible for marine pollution. Eutrophication is another consequence which occurs in the marine. To avoid such harmful chemicals and pollutants from ending up in the rivers, lakes and ocean it is the responsibility of the farmer, industrial managers, city councils to ensure that these are not dumped in the water and hence find a better way of either reusing or disposing it. [source: marine ecosystem: EMCBTAP-ENVIS Newsletter, Department of Geology, Universityof Kerela, Kariavattom-695 581 Vol. 1, No. 2,2003] Furthermore, toxic ocean pollutants are a major contributing factor towards marine pollution.

Toxic pollutants in the ocean ecosystem have massive impactson plants and animals. For example, dioxins from the pulp and paper bleaching process can cause genetic chromosomal problems in marine animal and may even cause cancer in humans. Polychlorinated biphenyls typically cause reproduction problems in most marine organisms. Another example is that the oil spills chock plants and animals, preventing respiration. So it is essential that the uses of chemicals on farms are reduced and organic farming is practiced. Dumping of oil and other metals in the ocean is banned

and o proper dumping ground or other methods of recycling of such harmful chemicals and metals. To conclude, it could be said that humans are responsible for the damages and the pollution in the ocean. People should educated and told the long lasting effects on the marine life and ocean due to pollution. It is important to protect the ocean for the future and not let it die in a wisper, and public should ensure that they dispose the rubbish ,chemicals and other harmfull materials carefully and not dump them in the ocean. (Approx: 850 Words) Bibliography (Online), Available 2011, http://www. Oprah.

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