Let Bygones be Bygones Essay

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Let Bygones be Bygones

A time in my life that I will always have memories of is being sent to J.J.A.E.P, which stands for Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program in the 8th grade. The reason I was emitted to alternative school was because I brought a container of painkillers to school. I will not go into much detail about my time in J.J.A.E.P but it was a time that I wouldn’t want to relive. It was a moment in my life that I wanted to forget about completely and just move along. This right here is a good example of me siding with the saying “ Let bygones be bygones”. What this quote means in todays society is that let the unpleasant events that took place in your past be forgotten. The Saying “Let bygones be bygones” dates way back in the 15th century when Shakespeare used the word “bygone” which simply meant ‘a thing that has gone by’, in his play called “The Winters Tale,” 1611: “This satisfaction, The by-gone-day proclaym’d, say this to him.” As the years blew past the word “bygone” became more to be known as events that took place in the past specifically events that people don’t favor to remember.

Disregarding the moments in your life that seem to be unpleasant to you or someone can be good because it wont haunt you at the most vulnerable moments in your life but at the same time its not good to just let bygones be bygones as they say because how is someone ever going to learn from their mistakes? So I believe that this quote can be debated and turned into something more like “Always remember the rough times.” The reason I choose to flip the quote the way I did is because all of the things I have done to be unsatisfying to others, myself, or even just being flat out wrong, I learned from those things and it has taught me to better myself as a person and as well as to better the things I do with my with my life. One example I can think of is when I got my first speeding ticket.

Now I know that no one would be pleased to get a speeding ticket and when I got mine I was stunned. At the time of receiving my ticket I was hoping that this would be the only time id ever have to experience this. The only way I would avoid getting in the situation again is if id learn from my mistake and that is exactly what I did. I will always remember this tough moment in my life instead of going with the quote “let bygones be bygones.” If I would have just forgotten about my ticket and go on with my daily routine I could of have much worst consequences coming my way. Everybody has those rough times in their life at one time or another either it be something big like getting bullied in school or something smaller like stubbing your big toe on a piece of furniture. This shows that there is certain scenarios where a person should remember the rough times and let bygones be bygones.

There are a few examples I can think of that siding with the quote “let bygones be bygones” would be necessary and also remembering the rough times is more than okay in most scenarios depending on the person and their feelings about certain things. Some scenarios that I can list that letting bygones be bygones is okay in my opinion is getting in a fight with your friend or significant other is okay to forget about because there will always be times when you’ll get into an argument with others but over time the heated argument will be forgotten. A time where I think, “remembering the rough times” is most significant is when you or someone else has been through a struggle.

For example getting arrested, failing in school, or even being in a house fire. These particular moments that someone goes through will more than likely always be remembered by that person. I believe that these two quotes “let bygones be bygones” and “always remembering the rough times” are both good and relevant quotes that people should live by. If it’s letting go of an incident that you weren’t proud of or just being wrong these quotes whichever one it might be are both meaningful and should always be remembered.

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