Is it Morally wrong for those under the age of 18 to play GTA V? Essay

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Is it Morally wrong for those under the age of 18 to play GTA V?

Some people, mainly young over the age of eighteen , would say that people under the age of 18 shouldn’t play Grand Theft Auto five for many reasons. The main one is that they spend more time on there consoles playing those games then studying and working hard to complete homework tasks effectively. Some might suggest one of the those reasons would be that it is certified 18 and they would be breaking the law in playing that game. Another thing you could say is that GTA has sexual references and strong language and younger people shouldn’t be exposed to that rude behaviour.

Some people already think the youth of today are over exposed to things they shouldn’t be exposed to like foul language and those types of sexual references. Another point that could be raised about this video game is it’s racial discrimination and it’s sexist views on the world. Girls especially would find that this game is offensive towards them in the way women are treated in this game regardless of it’s location or year it’s set in. Some people from different cultures my find this game offensive because of how different races are portrayed or how they are treated. Teachers would prefer children especially those in GCSE years to focus on their work instead of playing a silly video game which isn’t important in the long run but their grades are.

Other people, mainly those under the age of 18, would argue this point. They would say it is okay to play GTA five because their family members or people around them play it. People in high school would say things like “We swear anyway.” or things like “It’s just a video game.” They like their parents or who ever let them play it in the first place would believe that it’s not like they’d re-enact these things that happen in the game in real life.

Those playing the game would say that they don’t see the problem with the racist, sexist and discriminative views of this game. They might find those things give the game it’d character or make the game more interesting. They could also argue that even though it’s certified 18 it didn’t stop them playing the last Grand Theft Auto game or any other 18 rated game like some of the Call Of Duty games or even games like Borderlands two and that those games were never questioned about even if lots of people knew they were playing them

I think that people under the age of 18 shouldn’t play GTA V because I believe that they should focus more on their studies especially towards the end of their teen age years where their school focus is more important on their exams than on a video game. I see that from a teacher point of view they would agree with that. From a girls point of view I believe that this game shouldn’t be played by under 18’s because it shows girls off in a bad light and is offensive to women. This game also shows ignorance towards different races and the difference between men and women. The discrimination between races and women shows that the people who create this game obviously didn’t intend for a younger audience.

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