Innovation, Design, and Creativity Essay

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Innovation, Design, and Creativity

For the opening essay of the class the terms of innovation, design, and creativity will be compared and contrasted as explained in the course outline. All concepts will be explained, and defined as recommended in the class essential readings for the first day of class, and the industry implications of each idea will be offered. Innovation In the spirited universal economic setting of the present organizations that contain any intent of keeping or rising present market shares have to put productively into practice the idea of innovation. Innovation is defined in the online Business Dictionary as a process in which an invention or idea translates into a service that people are willing to pay for. The Business Dictionary explains that to be called innovation the idea must satisfy a specific need and be able to be replicable from an economic cost. Thriving corporations may not be exclusively accountable for the formation of an original thought.

However, to benefit from the notion, should take part in a main function in establishing the thought in the purchasers’ mind for proceeds. Additionally in the first workshop readings; the article titled “The Innovation Sandbox” by writer, Prehalad (2006), presents the similarity of innovation as a sandbox in which innovation is presented like a “fairly complex, free-form exploration and even playful experimentation within extremely fixed specified constraints” (Prehalad, 2006.) Design The writer of the main content presents a comprehensible idea of how design compares to innovation, and creativity. Von Stamm, (2003), defined design as; a mindful resolution making procedure in which an idea is altered into an outcome by its concrete (merchandise) or service. After reading this explanation a person can observe how directly connected the idea of innovation, and design is to any type of corporation.

If a design influences or not the victory of a manufactured good and a business performance, it is critically true is influenced by the organizations management approach toward it (Von Stamm, 2003). As presented in the week one readings the process of design covers a range of relevant interpretations and types or design processes. The design process is an integral part of capitalism and a free market economy in which both innovation and design processes foster growth opportunities beyond the current capabilities of the business. Creativity Creativity, as suggested by Von Stamm (2003), is simply “to come up with ideas.” In the week one readings Von Stamm outlines the several enterprises that had the necessary level of creativity to discover and create new ideas, yet failed to reap the benefits of the research and development necessary to produce the initial results. Some of the more notable products created by one company and implemented by a different company as presented by Von Stamm (2003) were the x-ray scanner, VCRs, and the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Each of these products required many hours of labor and surely and extensive level of financial resources to develop; however, the companies that profited from the commercialization of these products initially were not the creators of the product or concepts. The concepts of innovation, design, and creativity are closely related and have an extremely intertwined relationship and initially suggested throughout the week one paper. As suggested, for companies to be successful in today’s competitive economic environment each must ensure the organization has the necessary culture in place to foster, encourage, and promote the concepts of innovation, design, and creativity. Throughout the remainder of the course each of these concepts will be explored and presented in a manner sufficient to develop a core level of understanding by the student.

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