Importance of customer care Essay

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Importance of customer care

It shows a great deal of professionalism when a company takes good care of its customers, both internally and externally. Professional employees will most likely deal with clients in a professional manner, with the right communication, with respect and a genuine attitude.

A good customer service will help the company:
To keep loyal clients – develop trust
To gain new clients
To develop a good referral
To develop within its employees a sense of proudness and loyalty

The main objective of communicating is to send a message the most effective way as possible and to make sure it is received the way it was intended to. In communication, there are many barriers to overcome: a good standardised communication within the organisation will help to deal with those problems.

Communication is a two-way process:
1. What we say and how we say it:
1.1. Intention of sender: right information in the right format
1.2. The message: method of communication.
1.3. Receiving the message: receptiveness of the person receiving the message

2. What and how the message is received and perceived:
2.1. Message interpretation: has the message been properly understood?
2.2. Feedback: has the communication been successful?

To achieve an effective communication, the organisation and its management must clearly communicate the rules and guidelines established by the company.

Standardised communication will help with:
Bring knowledge of what to do in any circumstances
Establish boundaries

Communicating with people, both internal or external of the organisation, is not only a matter of using the right guidelines or rules; an important part of the communication is also to consider your audience in order to adapt your communication and convey your message for a better reception. Knowing who you are talking to will avoid assumption, and will help you understand their needs and motivations.

Communication is a combination of 4 mediums:
1) The written communication
2) The verbal communication
3) The non-verbal communication
4) Listening

1) What is important in written communication?
The accuracy of the words
To be clear
To be legible
To do proof reading

2) What is important in verbal communication?
To use a formal or informal way of speaking according to your audience
To use the appropriate language: choose the right style
To make sure to use the right pace: not too fast, not too slow
To use the right tone of voice
To speak at a good distance from your audience: physical proximity

3) What is important in non-verbal communication?
The signs and signals of body language
Movements, gestures, facial expressions, shifts, body positioning
The way of being dressed, the hairstyle, tattoos
The tidiness of the working place

4) What is important in listening?
To listen properly a person you need to stop what you are doing: give importance to the person you are communicating with
While listening appear interested
Listen actively and ask questions
Truly listening helps to avoid misinterpretation

To communicate more effectively, one should pay attention to its body language: the non-verbal communication is as important as any verbal or written communication as it conveys a message of its own, an emotional state.

Failing to provide a good customer care will prevent the organisation to be successful and to expand. But it will also create stress among people working for the organisation, leading to unhappiness and unprofessionalism.

The golden rule of the PA should be:
“Mind what you say,  who you are talking to and how you are communicating”

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