Immigration – advantages and disadvantages Essay

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Immigration – advantages and disadvantages

In demography migration is defined as mechanical movement of population between two different territories, therefore, external immigration could be specified as moving from one’s own country to another. Intense global migration did not used to be very common; however, these days it has become an unquestionably frequent phenomenon. As many issues are attached, there are numerous both disadvantages and advantages of this reality. To begin with, there is a variety of reasons which motivates people to leave their native country. The most common is a desire for a better financial position. Furthermore, different factors might be, for instance, natural disasters, education or political issues. Since there are many immigrants who cross the country’s borders illegally, the major complication is undoubtedly their legality.

In many cases, these individuals who do not have proper documentation then fail to pay taxes, health and social insurance; in consequence, the country’s economy is being harmed. To be more precise, the country’s finances are mainly gained from taxes. As one might expect, people who avoid paying taxes cause a gap in the state’s budget. The economy then may suffer from a lack of resources; and as a result, the country is unable to provide welfare and services. Also securing individuals who do not actively work, in other words, do not make money, such as the elderly people, might become difficult. Another disadvantage may be assimilation problems which appear often in cases of differences in religion. Furthermore, if the migrants do not speak the host country’s native language, it is very difficult to adjust.

Therefore, in the beginnings, their life standard might be quite low not just economically but also, for instance, socially. Moreover, the opposite can also happen. Once the immigrants successfully assimilate with the natives, as a result, they or their children, as the second generation, may start to lose their cultural identity. As the population grows, there are fewer places to live in and fewer resources, which are being used more. This leads to a tremendous increase of the level of pollution, not only in atmosphere but also water. In other words, overpopulation might cause destruction of the environment. Migration is a process which is connected to several disadvantages. However, there may also be found many advantages. Immigrants bring cheap labour force and also often fill in the gaps at the labour market.

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