If I Were A President Essay

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If I Were A President

If I were to become President of the United States of America I would change some things that are hurting America and keep other stuff that are helping our country become stronger. The central points that I would focus on would be the military, the economy, education, homeland security and the poor. Those main points have pros and cons, as a president I would minimize the cons and up bring the pros. As a president some of the policies will change and some will stay the same. I would start my policies with the main point that the USA citizens are struggling the most with.

The difference that I would like to see in America would be the economy. We are going through a tough time relating to money and as a president I would like for it to become better throughout the country. My first order would be to create more jobs to help the economy within the USA; by creating jobs I believe that the economy will slowly become better.The military will be coming home from whichever war to end violence and/or regroup our strategies. Military would be given any necessary equipment that they need; also they would be granted any support that they might need to get back on their feet in the United States.

As for homeland security I will make it stronger and more alert that way no incident with a terrorist will be able to occur. Education will also be one of my priorities. I will make the education rise up from its current rank worldwide. I also want to lower the tuition of universities and colleges; we have to make the education cheaper to keep students educating themselves. Poor families cant afford the money for their children to go to school, poor families will be inspected as to why the are in their current economic situation and if they deserve the help they will be given the help.

Three things that I will change would be the education system, we put students especially high schoolers under too much pressure. Another thing that I would change will be our trash system. I would make it a law that all citizens will need to sort their trash into recycling trashcans. One more thing that I would change would be that all states have to allow abortion. It is a controversial topic but I believe that women need the abortion.

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