How and why customer groups are targeted Essay

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How and why customer groups are targeted

Gillette mach 3 turbo razor

The Gillette mach 3 turbo razor is aimed at men age between around 17 upwards. The mach 3 turbo razor is essentially a razor for shaving hair off men’s faces, so any man who wants a clean shaven face is targeted by Gillette. Xbox one

Microsoft have marketed the Xbox one as more than just a game console but a multi-media centre to attract a bigger target audience than just gamers. They targeted anyone between mid teens to late twenties or even higher. However Gamers will take up most of the target group.

Apple iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 can be marketed at pretty much anyone with the wide range of functions it has for example: internet access, high definitions camera and video recorder, easy music access, games, texts and calls and face time. The target audience is anyone from mid teens and upwards.

Fender standard telecaster
The fender standard telecaster is an instrument that will be aimed at anyone who plays electric guitars. It can be aimed at young children or elderly people and all guitarists in between, but also because of it versatility it can be aimed at many different genres of music for example: Blues, Rock, country etc… Business to business products

Bic ball point pens
These types of pens are one of the most famous pen brands in the world, Because of this many business have used their products. Bic ball point pens are aimed at all businesses which may have offices or any sort of reception or desk work to be done. For example: Accountants or law firms. JCB Large Excavator

JCB will aim their large excavator (Digger) at any sort of contracting/sub-contracting firms that are involved in the construction industry. For example: Joinery firms. The main characteristics/features of each group for each product Gillette mach 3 turbo razor

Because the target audience of the Mach 3 razor is so big it is hard to specify specific characteristics apart from the fact they are men who want a very good close shave with minimum facial irritation. These consumers will be from all backgrounds and live globally all over the world.

Microsoft Xbox one

The most of the target audience will most likely be people who like playing video games and probably have done before the Xbox one was released; these people are aged between early – mid teens to mid – late twenties. Also because of the Xboxes marketing as a multi-media centre many people have who like movies may have bought one also. The people who own an Xbox are from all over the world have a big range in age.

Apple iPhone 6
Most likely because of the iPhone sixes recent release the people who bought one had an iPhone prior to this one releasing. Also because the iPhone 6 is so expensive the people who did buy one are financially well off or bought it although they know they can’t afford it or Teenagers asked their parents/ guardians to buy them one. These people are global however the majority are in the U.K and U.S.A. Fender standard telecaster

The people buying standard telecaster are for the majority of the time musicians and have an interest in music probably because of their choice in guitars blues, rock, country, rock and roll etc… However because of Christmas telecasters may have been bought as presents to children or siblings. Also in recent years old electric guitars have become collectable some reaching prices of $400,000 and above in some cases, so collectors may have purchased a standard telecaster to keep for 40 years until it is collectable.

Bic ball point pens

The business that buy Bic pens are mostly office based for example accountants or law firms, Also it could be construction firms with offices. Pretty much any business with an office that needs pens probably buy Bic pens. Because Bic is a global company they have customers all over the world and these companies may vary in their trades.

JCB Large excavator

Unlike Bic not every business needs a digger. This product will be specific to the construction or deconstruction industry. Contracting businesses will be the biggest customer for JCB these may include joinery or earthmoving contractors. JCB is now a global company meaning their customer base will also be global as construction work has happened all over the world and will proceed to be so.

How each audience is reached
Consumer products

A business may decide it needs to reach its customers geographically. Two neighbourhood classifications that are commonly used by organisations are ACORN and MOSIAC. ACORN is a geo-demographic tool that businesses use to identify and understand the UK population and local demand for products and services, The ACORN system categories UK postcodes using demographic statistics and lifestyle variables to give businesses a guide to the difference between geographical regions. MOSIAC is a system that classifies households in the UK into 12 Mosiac groups and 52 sub groups called Mosiac types. These groups and types are formed on the basis that the households comprising them share certain characteristics. Their core customer segments by cross-referencing their customer database with the profile. This helps them to make marketing decisions based on the kind of customer they attract.

Business to business products

All the individuals and groups who participate in the purchasing decision process in a business are known as a Decision-Making Unit or DMU. A DMU could include the following groups: Influencers: these are individuals whose opinion may be sought about a product or organisation. They will probably be influenced by brands, company reputation and ongoing relationships. Users: Users will be interested in the benefits the product offers, such as increased production rates or reduced waste. Buyers: Buyers or purchasing officers will be concerned about easy purchasing arrangements, delivery dates and security of supply. This can mean that a business can differentiate itself from the competition by stressing its success rate and how long it will last.

Deciders: Deciders such as managing directors will probably be most concerned with the overall cost of the product and whether the organisation can afford it. The cost benefit of purchasing the product or service is a key issue as it is obviously not worth the purchase if the benefits that may result do not warrant the initial investment. Specifiers: Specifiers decide on the detailed specification of the product to be purchased. They may well want technical information about such things as component performance and material characteristics. Gatekeepers: Gatekeepers may deny potential users information for a variety of reasons, for example, quality managers may have safety concerns or finance managers may have financial reservations. They can prevent sellers reaching the key decision makers.

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